More drama wanted by audiences

Celebrity Big Brother logoA survey conducted by the Radio Times has revealed that more than 60% of those asked wanted to see more dramas and documentaries.



The Radio Times conducted the poll, in which 2000 people replied. The

results showed that 31% want to see more drama, while 31% wanted new documentaries. The poll seemed to go against the notion that we want more celebrity and reality TV shows with just 3% asked wanted more reality tv.


Although 3% wanted further reality TV, reality shows such as X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Big Brother continue to bring in audiences. Channel Five is currently in talks to buy Big Brother follow C4’s decision not to renew it passed its recent 11th series. New owner of Channel Five, Richard Desmond, see’s Big Brother as one of the ways too boost ratings for the struggling channel. Sky has announced it plans to invest more money in original UK content such as drama and comedy as part of its plans to rival the BBC. BBC Two is also planning to boost its drama output with it hoping to produce more returning dramas especially for the 10pm slot.