Young Voters’ Question Time on BBC Three

The BBC has announced that Young Voters’ Question Time will be on BBC Three as a permanent fixture.

“There was great vibrancy and energy to First Time Voters’ Question Time in the run-up to the General Election, and we want to build on this and make political coverage – and young people’s views on politics – a regular feature on BBC Three.” – controller of BBC Three, Danny Cohen

In the run up to the general election this year BBC Three aired First Time Voters’ Question Time, which was a moderate success for the channel.

Today they have announced that Young Voters’ Question Time will now be a regular programme covering political issues for the young, which are ignored by the main Question Time on BBC One.

Mentron Media, who produce BBC One’s Question Time, will produce the younger version, with the first episode due to air in October. This ties in with the government’s spending review announcement.

Controller of BBC Three, Danny Cohen.