Give Daybreak a Chance – Kate Garraway


Kate Garraway has urged viewers to give Daybreak – the new ITV Breakfast programme – a chance following poor reviews and low ratings.



Daybreak has barely been on-air for a month and its already been mulled by the critics, by the press and by its own viewers. Ratings are falling and the audience appreciation figures for Daybreak are appalling. If there is one thing that comes through loud and clear from all the viewers comments its this; they want GMTV back. The viewers are unimpressed with Daybreak and want their old ‘friend’ back – Facebook, various forums and ATV Today are littered with such comments. However, Daybreak presenter Kate Garraway – who also presented GMTV – has urged viewers to give the show a chance.


“The fabulous Louie Spence of Pineapple Dance Studios said he preferred GMTV and really misses Ben Shephard. And legendary broadcaster Chris Evans also said he had reservations. While I admire both of them, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I still believe that the more people see of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, the more they will love them.” – Kate Garraway in New


Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb will be the main presenters on Daybreak for the first time tomorrow.

The entertainment correspondent and sports editor will fill in for Adrian Chiles and

Christine Bleakley who are having the day off. This will be the first test to see

if the new presenters the reason that Daybreak ratings are so low.

Will Kate’s words be enough to turn around the flagging fortunes of Daybreak? Or will its audiences continue to pine for days gone by?