Living Loves axes Shortland Street

ATV Today can reveal that New Zealand soap Shortland Street will come to an end on Living Loves this Friday, 29th of October.

Living told ATV Today that this was the case, and it is believed they are not going to be buying any more episodes. Shortland Street has had a turbulent return to British TV, it was moved and dropped from Living’s main channel after only a few weeks and continued on Living Loves, but according to UK fans, that was only ever to run off the episodes they had bought.

Forum posters and fans on the Shortland Street UK Facebook page are in anger and dismay about the decision by Living.

The show had a reported 11,000 viewers on Living and Living Loves and many of the fans suggested it never had the right continuity or promotion for it to grow, especially as the programme ends in the UK, in the middle of a thrilling serial killer storyline.

Former Coronation Street star Adam Rickitt has featured in the Kiwi soap, and has recently just departed the show in New Zealand. It is unclear if any other broadcaster will pick up the rights to New Zealand’s longest running Drama.