MP in C-Word Slip Up

ToriesThe C-Word slip-ups of yesterday weren’t limited to the BBC as an MP accidentally used the offensive word in the House of Commons.

ToriesIt seems as though yesterday was the day of the C-Word slip-ups as two BBC presenters and an MP uttered the most offensive word in our language – all were accidental slips and were not intentional. It started when James Naughtie on BBC Radio Four, in the Today programme, made an error when plugging an interview the media secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Naughtie apologised for his error but Andrew Marr later, when discussing the story, accidentally repeated the C word.


Now it has emerged that an MP in the House of Commons also used the word just hours after the Radio Four incidents. Nick Herbert, the openly gay justice minister, was discussing cuts but didn’t quite manage to say the correct word – his words were broadcast on the BBC Parliament Channel.


“I don’t accept those are c***s to front line services,” – Nick Herbet’s slip in the House of Commons


The slip by Herbet was dealt with some humour by the House of Commons speaker John Bercow who told opposition MP’s that there hearing was playing tricks of them.