Dawn Ostroff would be 'shocked' if Supernatural wasn't renewed

SupernaturalThe CW’s Dawn Ostroff has said she would be ‘shocked’ if Supernatural wasn’t renewed for a seventh year.


Jensen AcklesDawn Ostroff, chief of The CW, has spoken about the future of Supernatural. While the series hasn’t yet been renewed for a seventh season it is widely expected to – something Ostroff has echoed. In an interview with E! Online the CW boss said she would be ‘shocked’ if Supernatural wasn’t renewed. Here’s exactly what she said.


“We haven’t officially picked anything up yet, but Supernatural is creatively doing so well—and it’s doing better on Friday night than it was on Thursday night—so I can’t imagine we won’t pick it up…..Our network team works with the Supernatural team very closely…..we haven’t started talking about next year, but I’d be shocked if we didn’t pick it up.” – Dawn Ostroff talking to E! Online


Given Supernatural’s continual strong performance ratings wise it’s almost a dead cert to return for a seventh year. One stumbling block in the way of a seventh season are the contracts of stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles which runs out at the end of the current (sixth) series.