UTV and STV unite for new show – Born Fighting

The independent Channel 3 companies are to unite for a series.

“I am delighted to have forged this production partnership with STV and Smithsonian to make such an interesting programme relevant to all our audiences. Senator Webb’s book is a very personal view of the journey from Scotland, through Ulster and to America of his ancestors. His history of the Scots-Irish and their success in America will be fascinating to many of UTV’s viewers and Born Fighting captures the essence of their history in a beautifully produced series.” – Michael Wilson, Managing Director, UTV

UTV and STV will broadcast a new landmark documentary, Born Fighting, in a unique first-time broadcast partnership between the two local independent ITV companies.

Described as a ‘captivating two-part programme’ the documentary follows American Senator Jim Webb, author of Born Fighting: How the Scot-Irish Shaped America, as he charts the incredible story of the Scots-Irish, and discovers how they helped build one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Born Fighting sees Senator Webb, himself of Scots-Irish heritage, travel from his home in the United States to Scotland and Northern Ireland, where he visits Belfast, Carrickfergus, Newtownstewart and Londonderry, to tell the story of the Scots-Irish and how they shaped present day America.

Dramatic reconstructions take viewers through key historical moments such as Bannockburn, the siege of Derry and the American Civil War, and we hear from leading historians such as Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald from the Centre for Migration Studies in Omagh.

“For the first time ever, this series has captured all three elements of this historic journey, from Scotland to the north of Ireland and finally into America, in a way that shows both the struggles of the Scots-Irish and their incredible impact on American culture and government. I wrote Born Fighting after many years of thought and painstaking research. It is a pleasure to have been able to work with UTV, STV and the Smithsonian Chanel, to bring the essence of this book into a powerful visual format.” – Senator Jim Webb

The series starts Tuesday 1 February at 8pm.