Doctor Who dominates iPlayer downloads

Doctor WhoThe new series of Doctor Who is dominating the iPlayer download requests with The Impossible Astronaut having been accused over 1.5 million times since its original transmission on Easter Saturday.

The hot weather may have impacted the overnight figures for Doctor Who’s return at Easter but figures since pour scorn on the theory the public is falling out of love with the sci-fi series. Final figures for The Impossible Astronaut revealed that 8.8 million viewers watched the episode – up from the 6.6 million for the “over-night” figure. Now though figures for the BBC iPlayer reveal that since Doctor Who returned at Easter The Impossible Astronaut has been accused 1.5 million viewers! If that figure is added onto the final figure of the episode that means a combined rating of over 10 million viewers.

Meanwhile figures for Day of the Moon reveal its been accessed 1 million times since Saturday’s broadcast. These figures prove that Doctor Who is still being watched by the public but when they are watching it is changing. The 6pm time-slot is obviously too early for a sizable chunk of the audience who are choosing to record it or watch it via the iPlayer at a time more convenientĀ  them. And for those facts and figures fans out there The Impossible Astronaut has beaten last year’s record set by The Eleventh Hour for the number of times downloaded in seven days but is actually on track to surpass Matt Smith’s opening episode as the most downloaded programme on the iplayer.