ABC axes V and Brothers & Sisters

VABC has cancelled its re-imaged sci-fi series V and soapy/drama Brothers & Sisters.

Who said Friday 13th doesn’t bring you bad luck? A string of shows in America have been cancelled today and now two more join the scrap heap; V and Brothers & Sisters. Neither come as a complete shock if you go purely by ratings but there was still plenty of scope for both shows to return considering their “bubble” status.

Brothers & Sisters actress Rachel Griffiths hinted a few weeks ago the drama had been cancelled but ABC denied it had decided the show’s fate. Then came the rumours that the drama would return but for a shortened final season. Well it won’t be back at all – it’s been cancelled.

ABC’s re-imaged V, based on the classic 1980s franchise, has also been cancelled. V was renewed last year by ABC for a second season over Flashforward because its ratings held steady – but they were never great. The new look V starred Elisabeth Mitchell, Laura Vandervoot and Joel Gretsch and had its episode order for its 2nd season cut down by ABC – not the biggest sign of confidence for the show. Despite its troubled existence some predicted V would just about manage to get a 3rd season out of ABC but allas it has not.


ABC has also cancelled Off The Map, Detroit 1-8-7, Mr. Sunshine and No Ordinary Family according to some reports.