Episode Titles for Torchwood: Miracle Day revealed

Torchwood: Miracle DayAs we edge ever closer to the premier of Torchwood: Miracle Day more details about the fourth season of the Doctor Who spin-off emerge. The latest details are the episode titles for the ten-part series.

Have no fear though because the titles themselves aren’t that spoilery so knowing them beforehand won’t ruin any surprises. Interestingly the season will kick off withy The New World which was the name given to the series as a whole before it became Miracle Day. The second episode of Rendition followed by Dead of Night, Escape to L.A, The Categories of Life, The Middle Men, Immortal Sins, End of the Road, The Gathering and ending with The Blood Line.

Earlier this week it was revealed a new season of Torchwood audio dramas are to be produced and recorded in Los Angeles which suggests that perhaps some of the Miracle Day ‘new recruits’ will be part of them.