SKY1 Launches Police Documentary Series, Cop Squad

SKY1 are launching what they describe as an ‘access-all-areas’ documentary showing what life on the beat is really like.

Cambridge is renowned for its University and picture postcard appearance, which have attracted the hustle and bustle of tourists worldwide, but this new series goes beneath the city’s image to look at how the local police deal with crime in the area in Cop Squad.

The SKY1 crew follow the Cambridgeshire police force as they patrol the streets and discover that the unexpected is never far away. The city’s police force deals with nearly 19,000 999 calls every month, ranging from robberies and burglaries to drug dealers and drunks.

“Cop Squad exclusively captures the changing tactics of criminals, and perhaps more importantly their increasing violence and recklessness towards the police, the public and each other.  In this insightful documentary series, viewers are offered the chance to watch Cambridgeshire’s elite cops fighting daily crime on the frontline and witness their efforts to bring justice to the streets.” Sky say.

The undercover cameras capture the action leading up to, during and after the arrests. With begging and pleading suspects, drunk and disorderedly teenagers and high speed car chases, this latest documentary series is out to prove that life in the force is anything but quiet.

Cop Squad starts on SKY1 and SKY1 HD from Monday 6th June at 9pm