Final Sarah Jane Adventures Titles Announced

The story titles for the final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures have been revealed.

The series starred the late Elisabeth Sladen in the title role of Sarah Jane Smith, former companion to the Doctor. The BBC had ordered a fifth season of the Doctor Who spin-off and half of it was filmed alongside the fourth series. However, The Sarah Jane Adventures then took a production break with filming due to resume in the Spring on the remaining stories but the tragic death of actress Elisabeth Sladen resulted in the BBC cancelling the un-filmed episodes.

The new edition of the Doctor Who Magazine has revealed the titles for the three completed stories. They are Sky andThe Curse of Clyde Langer by Phil Ford and finally The Man Who Wasn’t There by Gareth Roberts. Guest-stars for the final three stories include Peter Bowles, Christine Stephen-Daly and James Dreyfus.

Despite initial tabloid reports that The Sarah Jane Adventures would continue without Elisabeth Sladen the BBC have confirmed there are no plans to continue the spin-off. The fifth and final season is likely to air in October according to the Doctor Who Newspage.