BBC Four to concentrate on arts and culture

BBC FourReports claim BBC Four is to concentrate on the arts and culture and ditch most of its drama and comedy output.

In recent years BBC Four has produced a number of critically acclaimed and award-winning dramas especially in the biopic genre. At the Bafta‘s recently picked up several awards including one for The Road to Coronation Street – the story of Corrie‘s creation which ITV turned down but the BBC readily picked up. The channel has also won acclaim for its broadcast of foreign imports such as the Swedish version of Wallander and more recently Danish drama The Killing – which also won a Bafta.

However, Media Guardian claims that BBC Four is set to slim down its drama and comedy output to focus on arts and culture. The move is likely because BBC Two is aiming to increase its own drama output and become a home of original drama – the BBC is keen for each of its channels to have a “unique” identity. The move though would put BBC Four in more of a different competition with Sky Arts something the BBC has, so far, been keen to avoid.

The move – if it does indeed happen – is also part of the BBC’s drive to cut costs in light of the licence fee freeze. The budget for the digital channel would likely be trimmed if it no longer produced so much comedy and drama – across the BBC cuts are being made with some radical proposals being put forward on how to save money.