MTV axes Skins remake

SkinsMTV has axed its controversial remake of Brit drama Skins after just one season.

The American version sparked controversy with some for its depiction of teenage sex, partying, drinking and drug-taking. The Parents Television Council were particularly vocal in their dislike of the drama and even called for a federal enquiry into it because of its content. The MTV remake, which Bryan Elsley – creator of the UK series – worked on launched well with 3.3 million viewers. Ratings dropped drastically though with some blaming the P.T.C campaign against it.

Major advertisers also pulled their promos from Skins because of the negative publicity surrounding it. MTV say the remake “didn’t connect” with the American audiences but doubtless the P.T.C will be taking credit for getting the series cancelled.  The UK version, which airs on E4, is due to return later this year for its sixth season but its fate beyond that remains unclear.