BBC releases Live + 7 figures for May

BBCThe BBC has released Live + 7 data for May which revealed the Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Wife was seen by 9.9 million viewers.

Live + 7 data combines viewers from across all the platforms from those who watched the episode “live” to those who recorded it, downloaded it via the i player and those who watched repeats later in the week. Combing all that information reveals that the fourth episode in Doctor Who’s sixth (and current) season, The Doctor’s Wife, was watched by nearly 10 million viewers. It had a combined audience of 9.9 million viewers – a hefty audience size.

We can break down some of that combined audience through previously released figures. The Doctor’s Wife had an overnight rating of 5.9 million viewers & a final rating of 7.9 million viewers. In May it was the most requested programme on the i Player with 1.22 million downloads.

The new data released by the BBC also reveals that the long-running BBC Three sitcom Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps saw its ratings rise significantly from around 550,000 to 2.5 million. An episode of EastEnders gained an extra 2.4 million viewers – pushing it past 11 million viewers – through Live + 7 data and The Apprentice topped 10 million viewers for an episode of the current series through Live + 7 figures.