Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley to front new evening show for ITV?

Christine Bleakley & Adrian ChilesA tabloid report claims  that Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles could exit struggling Daybreak to front a new evening programme for ITV1.

The Mirror claims that the two’s exit from Daybreak could lead to a revamp of the struggling breakfast programme with new presenters and a greater focuses on news. The paper also claims that ITV believe revamping Daybreak ahead of rivals Breakfast move to Salford will strength its position.

“BBC Breakfast is doing really well because it gives people what they want in the mornings – the news. The good thing for us is they’re about to shoot themselves in the foot by shifting their very successful show up to Manchester, losing half the production team, several presenters and very possibly most of their guests. This is the perfect time to revamp Daybreak and take them on.” – A “source” quoted in The Mirror

The paper goes on to claim that ITV bosses are keen to repeat the success of The One Show and launch a new evening programme fronted by Bleakley and Chiles. The new show would air at 6.30pm leading into Emmerdale but would mean a radical shake-up of the broadcasters news output as currently its national news programme airs in the slot. It was reported not long ago though that ITV were considering slimming down its news bulletins, especially regional news programmes, to 15 minutes which would allow a new show to launch in the 6.30pm slot.

However, an ITV spokesperson has denied there are any such plans for the two presenters to front a new show. The Mirror recently claimed ITV were considering axing Bleakley and Chiles from Daybreak, even though it would cost them millions to do, as the programme continues to struggle in the ratings. An ITV spokesperson, on that occasion, also denied plans to move the two away from Daybreak.