Walter Koenig: ‘Bill Shatner was no Patrick Stewart’

Walter Koenig and George TakeiActor Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov in Star Trek, has said that the cast of the series didn’t respect William Shatner in the same way the Next Generation cast respected Patrick Stewart.

Koenig joined the cast of Star Trek for its second series and also appeared in seven of the big-screen movies based on the television franchise. William Shatner played Captain Kirk in the television series and films but while he his character may be a fan favourite the actor wasn’t always popular with his co-stars – with Walter Koenig being one of them. The actor has compared his former co-star to Patrick Stewart, lead star of the spin-off Star Trek: The Next Generation.

“Bill … just never got it. Bill wasn’t Patrick Stewart. We never had the respect for our captain the way the TNG crew had with theirs.” – Walter Koenig at London Comic Con

Koenig wasn’t the only actor to have difficulties with his co-star with James Doohan and George Takei but being notable examples – both of whom have spoken out against the actor before. Perhaps the most recent example of the Takei’s disagreements with Shatner came to light several years ago. Shatner claimed that Takei didn’t invite him to his wedding – something denied by the actor.

William Shatner recently stated he wouldn’t be in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel movie despite fan hopes of a cameo for the veteran actor. It was recently revealed Walter Koenig, who also starred in the 1990s sci-fi series Babylon 5, will get a star on Hollywod’s Walk of Fame.