Doctor Who one of BBC Worldwide's biggest selling shows

Doctor Who{jcomments off}Doctor Who is one of BBC Worldwide’s biggest selling television show along with the likes of Top Gear and Strictly Come Dancing.

A new report reveals that Doctor Who is one of the corporation’s biggest selling television programmes internationally. Along with Top Gear and Strictly Come Dancing the show earned the BBC over £300m in revenue last year. That figure comes from merchandise, live events, DVDS and selling broadcast rights to other countries.

Steven Moffat’s Sherlock was also a big seller for the BBC while Human Planet and Lonely Planet also boosted BBC Worldwide’s revenue. In America Doctor Who has seen revenue for Worldwide leap by 49% due to DVD sales and downloads on platforms such as iTunes. In fact Doctor Who is now the third biggest seller on the US i Tunes platform after Mad Men and Glee.

BBC Worldwide is the corporation’s commercial arm overseeing its range of magazines – such as the Radio Times. The BBC is seeking to sell off some of its key brands in its magazine range and negotiations are underway with potential buyers though its understood the BBC seeks to retain some editorial control over the magazines it sells off.