A return to Through The Keyhole?

Through The Keyhole, which first appeared back in 1983 on TV-am is set to be revived by Freemantle Media.

The breakfast feature, which became a fully-blown ITV game show in 1987, has been bought by the media giant – owner of the Grundy Television archive and Thames Television production company – from Sir David Frost’s company, David Paradine Productions.

The show saw Lloyd Grossman wandering around the home of a famous face, providing clues to a panel of other celebrities who had to guess “who would live in a house like this?”

Fremantle Media, Broadcast report, is planning to moot a rivival to UK broadcasters as “a young-skewing, celebrity access style gameshow.”

Trish Kinane, FremantleMedia’s acting president of worldwide entertainment, told Broadcast: “It was the first gameshow to celebrate celebrity culture, and there is now a new generation of celebrities all over the world who are eager to respond to the famous catch phrase: ‘Who lives in a house like this?’.”

Last year ITV decided against bringing the series back, in a spoof format, for ITV2. Earlier this year a special edition was aired as part of Comic Relief.

The original version, fronted for its entire run by David Frost, switched from ITV to Sky One and then to the BBC before being axed after being shunted from BBC One to BBC Two in 2008. Grossman quit in 2003, and was replaced by a number of female presenters.