Rupert Murdoch attacked at committee hearing

Rupert Murdoch was the subject of an attack at the committee hearing taking place today in London.

Includes video clip of the incident.

To the surprise of everyone present a plate which what is suspected to be shaving foam was thrown at Rupert Murdoch. The media mogul and James Murdoch had been answering questions from MP’s for over two hours and the session was coming to a close when the incident took place. Although there were some protestors present at the start of the committee hearing they were quickly dispelled at the MP’s began their questioning.

As the session was drawing to a close and the last MP, Tory Louise Mensch for Corby, was preparing to ask her questions when the surprise attack happened. James Murdoch was visibly shocked, and taken by surprise, by the attack. Rupert Murdoch’s wife, Wendi, sprang to the defence of her husband. The committee hearing was suspended immediately with the police arresting the attacker. All the audience members were taken out of the room during the recess. There was some speculation that the session would be brought to an end for the day in the light of the attack and given the fact the questioning of the two Murdoch’s had taken over two hours. However, after a brief recess the committee re-took their seats but without the majority of the audience members present.

Rebekah Brooks was due to appear before the committee at 3.30pm but due to the late-running nature of today’s hearing it is currently unknown whether she will still appear before the committee today or will be called to appear before it at a later date – possibly tomorrow.

Below is a video clip of the attack uploaded by Channel Four News to You Tube.