Brenda Strong promises more Desperate Housewives flashbacks

Desperate Housewives{jcomments on}Brenda Strong has promised fans her character of Mary Alice Young will feature in more flashbacks during the eighth season of ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

The actress’ character committed suicide in the pilot episode of the series and the mystery surrounding her death – and reasons behind her suicide – were the “main mystery” of the first season. Despite being killed off the actress is still part of the show narrating the episodes and appearing in flashbacks and fantasy sequences. The actress has promised she’ll appear in more flashbacks in the show’s forthcoming 8th season.

“My presence will be woven in more as a series bookend since we know it’s probably the final year Flashbacks will provide some new Young family information that will culminate in an amazing finale.” – Brenda Strong

It was recently hinted that ABC may bring Desperate Housewives to an end after its 8th season. It will depend though on the performances of new dramas such as Once Upon A Time and Pan Am as well as the rebooted Charlie’s Angels. The shows own ratings performance will also factor into ABC’s decision over DH’s future. It’s been reported the main cast do have options to do a ninth season should ABC decide to order one.

Brenda Strong is amongst the cast of TNT’s revival of Dallas in which she plays Ann Ewing, the new wife of Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy). A ten-part series, based on the pilot, has been ordered by TNT for next summer.