Three DVD companies hit by Enfield fire

Up to three DVD companies are believed to have been affected by the fire on Monday evening Sony Distribution Centre in Enfield.

Network DVD, who release ATV series Emergency Ward 10, have seen stock burned in the fire.

The devastating fire at the warehouse has left a number of independent record companies affected too. The fire happened as part of wide spread violence across the capital on Monday evening with incidents in Corydon, Hackney and Clapham Junction to name but a few. The fire at the Sony Warehouse is now believed to have affected at least three DVD companies. Network DVD, which have released classic dramas such as Space 1999, Crossroads, Emergency Ward 10, Upstairs Downstairs and Peak Practice, are one of the companies affected.

DVDs of Upstairs Downstairs have been destroyed in the blaze.

Network DVD has put a holding page up on its website as a result of the fire which has been updated twice with news for consumers – including news about planned releases within the next few weeks. Network DVD, via the holding page, has announced the planned release of The Strange World of Gurney Slade, will still go ahead on Monday.

For more information on Network DVD and how its been affected by the fire see here >>

Pinkpaper are reporting that Peccadillo Pictures – which have released such films as Plan B in the UK – has also been affected by the fire. The paper also reports that fellow gay film company TLA Releasing – who have released Dante’s Cove and The Lair in the UK – are another company affected by the blaze. According to Pinkpaper Peccadillo Pictures lost up to 60,000 dvds in the fire that completely engulfed the warehouse.

A fictional fire burned down the Crossroads Motel, now the real-life blaze has destroyed 100s of Crossroads DVDs.