Eliza Dushku slams the Daily Mail

Daily MailDollhouse and Buffy actress Eliza Dushku has slammed British tabloid the Daily Mail for an article which criticised Heroes/Scream 4 actress Hayden Panettiere.

Its quite possible that actress Eliza Dushku has just won herself many more fans for penning an open letter to the British tabloid the Daily Mail slamming it. The actress took exception to an article within the tabloid which criticised actress Hayden Panettiere for charging for autographs at a Fan event in Toronto. The article, by an un-named Daily Mail journalist, also suggested Panettiere had ‘fallen on hard times’ and thus this was her reason for attending the fan event.

Well Dushku – whose sci-fi credits include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Tru Calling and Dollhouse – was also present at the same event and didn’t like the Daily Mail’s slant on things. So she penned an open letter to the tabloid letting them know exactly how she feels.

“Dear Sir,

“I write to you because the piece of your paper that concerns me was anonymous. The piece was 27th August titled “Are times that tough Hayden?” ridiculing and attacking the actor Hayden Panettiere for participating in a Toronto Expo fan gathering where fans are charged money (Oh shock! Oh shame!) in exchange for autographs, signed pictures, and the chance for a bit of face time with their favorite celebrity.

“My dear editor, how does Hayden’s action differ from what you do for much of the content of your “news” paper? There we have celebrities exchanging their name (sometimes willy-nilly, no permission asked), their time, and their pictures in exchange for a bit of publicity for their work. At least the fan shows (such as the current Toronto Expo one) are honest and up front about the exchange. In addition, at these shows both fans and celebrities get some precious small contact with each other as real people. Your paper does not provide that value.
“Yes, you will have to tell me where you think you get off attempting to diminish a young actor who is attempting to reach out to fans in one of the only practical ways provided by the entertainment industry, an industry your paper is a part of and largely dependent on.

“It is particularly shoddy that the author scoffs at Hayden’s lack of “Harry Potter” or “Spiderman” fame while leaving himself unnamed as “Daily Mail Reporter.” Talk about being a parasite! Does Daily Mail Reporter want to shoot down Hayden’s career, just at it’s beginning, and then take a salary for doing so. Seriously, Sir, for shame.

“Eliza Dushku”

Well that letter says it all really, doesn’t it? You can’t add much more to it. Of course the Daily Mail has a long history of annoying people and spinning things to its own unique point of view. For example its recent story on complaints over gay sex scenes in Torchwood which were broadcaster AFTER the watershed. See more on that here >>

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