High Ratings for Doctor Who’s Berlin Adventures

Doctor WhoLast week’s episode, Let’s Kill Hitler, is the second highest rating episode of the current series.

Consolidated figures, which include viewers recording and watching the episode within seven days of transmission, are logged at 8.1 million viewers with an audience share of 33.3%. Separate figures for the iPlayer, which are not included in the overall ratings, have peaked at over 1 million viewers.

Let’s Hill Hitler, which saw the TARDIS crash land in 1930s Berlin at the height of the Natzi domination of Germany, is currently the second best performing episode of the current run of Doctor Who on BBC One. Previously The Impossible Astronaut reached a high of 8.86 million viewers.

ATV Today television critic Queenie, said of the episode, “Steven Moffat certainly knows how to write an episode with multi-layered plots that need repeat viewing – as well as watching other episodes within the story-arc – to understand what the hell is going on. You know these days television is dumbing down with many dramas signing posting every plot development that comes along- apart from sci-fi which actually thrives on complex, multi-layered plots these days – so its refreshing that Moffat is writing stories that actually require the audience to pay attention.

As for the episode itself thankfully Hitler (Albert Welling) actually appears only briefly in the episode, a very wise move. Considering the episode is set in 1930s Berlin, at the height of the Nazi’s power in Germany, the episode had a large dollop of humour. River Song’s hilarious speech to some Nazi goons, after dropping out of the window of Hitler’s office, has to be the highlight of the episode dialogue wise. A thrilling, funny episode which was utterly confusing on first viewing and will require re-watching at least several times. In other words what you’d expect from a Moffat penned episode.”