Border Scotland to join STV in 2014?

OFCOM have outlined proposals which could potentially see the Border TV Region split up with the Scottish part being taken over by STV in 2014.

The Border region which covers most of Cumbria in Northern England along with Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders in Southern Scotland merged with Tyne Tees in February 2009.  Many Southern Scottish viewers have always felt their news coverage has been severely under whelming, even before the ITV regional news cost cutting.

OFCOMs plan aims to tidy up the regulation of commercial channels in the UK. The current broadcast licenses end in 2014, after this time, it may well mean that the south of Scotland could be handed over to none ITVplc company STV.

In the past at times Border in south Scotland would air some programming from STV, including Scotsport.

In 2011, STV enhanced their regional news coverage with programmes coming from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Border Television quietly celebrated 50 years on air last week. STV began broadcasting in 1959.