Doctor Who Christmas Special details revealed

Doctor WhoSeveral guest-stars for this year’s Christmas Special of Doctor Who have been revealed.

As widely reported already, but now officially confirmed by the production team, actress Claire Skinner will be guest-starring in this year’s Christmas Special of Doctor Who. The Outnumbered actress was spotted filming scenes for the special last week. Steven Moffat has promised the special will be the “most Christmassy ever” – which surely is a hard task considering in past year’s we’ve had robotic santa’s, killer Christmas trees and a Scorge-esque character!

The story is reportedly set during the World War II, in a Winter, with the Doctor acting as a caretaker in a creepy house. They’ll also be an ‘Ice Villain’ (make of that what you will). Also appearing in the Christmas Special will be the comedian Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir Alexander Armstrong who voices super-computer Mr. Smith in the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

(via Doctor Who Newspage)