Big Brother 2011 Highlights: Issue One

As the Big Brother series continues on Channel 5 here at ATV Today we grab the best bits and take a look back at some highlights. In issue one everything from bare bottoms, bulges to fake tan and a celebrity famous for her big boobs.

As the Big Brother series continues on Channel 5 here at ATV Today we grab the best bits and take a look back at some highlights. In issue one everything from bare bottoms, bulges to fake tan and a celebrity famous for her big boobs.

Day 1

The series starts with shots of the empty house waiting for 14 new housemates. In a hidden room former big boobed Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson watches the housemates arrivals.

Housemate Mark arrives first followed by Maisy, Aaron, Heaven, Tom, Tashie, Aden, Alex, Harry, Rebeckah, Anton, Faye, Jay and finally Louise.

As housemates enter Pamela gave her opinion on each one and comments on how she will be the “mum” in the house.

When the shutters opened to reveal the garden where Pamela was stood the housemates all screamed with shock and excitement. Pamela greeted the housemates telling Louise she is beautiful and Harry to stop hunting. Alex looks in complete shock and Mark tells Pamela that she is “like really fit in real life as well”.

In what is to become possibly a theme for this series, Mark told his fellow housemates that he used to masturbate over Pamela. When talking to Jay, Pamela found it difficult to understand his accent.

Much later, in another regular feature of this series, Jay dropped his trousers to show the other housemates his tattoos. Harry joked that he is everything Jay’s not and some of the housemates discussed education.

Even later Rebeckah talked about a guy who wanted her to wee on him, Rebeckah said she is a “people pleaser”.

Louise talked to Jay and Tashie on the sofas about how she thought there would have been older people in the house, she comments that she likes older people because she likes hearing facts.

Later some hard facts are revealed, Mark, Tom and Jay were in the pool discussing masturbation. Alex is sat on the side. When one of the boys asks the other two if they had had a wank before they came into the house Mark told the other’s he’d not had one for 13 days.

Highlights of the Day

  • Rebeckah and Aaron were in the toilet discussing a stain on the carpet.
  • Maisy did a cartwheel in the bedroom.
  • Arden dried Tashie’s feet with a hair dryer in the bedroom.

Day 3

Some of the girls were in the bedroom talking about boobs. Tashie said that her chest is still growing. Maisy wishes her boobs would “grow a bit more.” Tashie said her sister is like Alex and looks totally different to her, branding herself a “petite, Spanish, cute thing.”

Tashie was in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Pamela. She said that the two of them have “loads in common.” Tashie thinks that Pamela wanted her number and wonders if there is a way Big Brother can give it to her. Anton later went into the diary room, to talk about Pamela. He believes that she is attracted to him and that if they were both in a room with no cameras “we’d have sex.” He said it would be a “wild session”.

Heaven and Tom are talking in the living room, she jokes that she was born with a penis and a vagina. In the bedroom, Rebeckah is making observations about her fellow housemates. She tells Aaron that she has a “problem” with him adding: “You’re a doppelganger from my ex-boyfriend.” She tells him that he is also as “arrogant” as the man in question. Aaron says he’s not arrogant but just doesn’t want to get to know people and thinks that they don’t want to know him.

Housemates are dancing in the living room while Pamela washes up and comments: “I feel like a like the mum, watching her children.” Heaven goes over to Pamela and tries to get her to dance. Pamela says she doesn’t have the moves and decides to go to bed.

Aaron and Tom were chatting in the living room talking about Aaron’s child. Tom isn’t sure it would be fair on a child to have a bisexual father so doesn’t think he’d ever be a dad. Aaron commented on how much hard work it is having a kid.

In the bedroom Aden gave Rebeckah a foot rub. Rebeckah asked him: “Do you want to stay here for a little while?” Aden went under her covers.

Highlights of the Day

  • Jay and Mark were singing in the shared shower.
  • Louise said the ladies in the house are more attractive than their male housemates.
  • Aden asks Faye about wrestling and then explained to her that he wants to be a therapist.
  • Pamela and Heaven were in the kitchen cooking.

Day 4

Last night, Rebeckah and Aden shared a late night cuddle. Rebeckah said he isn’t allowed in her bed again in case people think that something more is happening.

Housemates Aden, Maisy and Heaven were awarded golden swimsuits, which they had to wear until instructed otherwise. Some of the housemates were in the living area practising yoga positions.

A pageant got underway in the garden. Aaron was the first to try and convince Pamela that he deserves immunity from eviction. Pamela asks him why he stands out from the other housemates. “Because I’m normal,” he replies. Alex was next. She claimed that the key to a pageant is having the most beautiful dress and to twirl and to flick your hair. Anton was third. Later in the diary room he tells Big Brother that Pamela was “feeling” him and Jay. Up next was Faye. Heaven asked her what she can bring to the house and Faye says “Tina Turner,” while doing a wiggle. Jay was the next housemate to walk the catwalk. He gives a short speech and Pamela says: “I didn’t understand a word you just said.” Everyone laughs and cheers him anyway. Harry says that he needs to be kept in the house to keep it clean. Later, Louise told Big Brother that she was the “best strutter.” When asked by Pamela what she’d bring to the house she says she’ll bring hats.

Mark tells Pamela that this is his one chance to redeem himself. Rebeckah was asked if she has the “wow factor.” “She does,” replies Aden hastily. Rebeckah tells them that she thinks it is important to make sure that everyone is okay. Tashie had borrowed Louise’s cave girl outfit and channelled Pocahontas. Pamela asked her if she thinks she can win and she said that she can. “I think that all of us could,” she adds. Lastly, Tom stands and says: “You’ve obviously saved the best to last.” He says that he stands out because there’s no one like him, “I’ve got great hair and a big dick.”

At the end of the pageant, Pamela chooses Rebeckah.

Pamela left her bedroom for the last time. She told Rebeckah that she looked “cute” in the golden swimsuit. Faye, Tom and Aaron were talking about bisexuality. Faye and Aaron debated whether they would be with someone of the same sex. Faye says that she thinks naked girls are more attractive. Aaron admits that he finds lots of men attractive, like “David Beckham.” The debate was to whether they would act on their attractions.

Pamela said farewell to the housemates while giving them hugs. Before leaving she announces that the golden swimsuit wearers can stay in her room for the night. Pamela made her final visit to the diary room. She told Big Brother that her experience was “wild.” “They’re really cool people,” she added.

Later the debate was once again about sex. Some of the housemates were sat in the kitchen talking about who they would have a threesome with, one boy and one girl, depending on looks only. Tom chooses Louise and Jay, and Maisy chooses Jay and Tashie. Mark says that he would go for Tom then quickly changes his mind. He says: “That would hurt” referring to Tom’s earlier comment about his “huge dick.”

Mark told Tom that he is protective of him and wants to make sure he is okay in the morning. They agree that there is no one in the house that they dislike.  Tom comments: “I think Aaron thinks I fancy him.”

Highlights of the Day

  • Pamela emerged from her private bedroom and greeted the housemates before having breakfast.
  • Mark was lying in Tom’s lap on the sofa in the living area.

Day 11

In ‘Day 8’ Tom, apparently the most boring bisexual to grace television, finally did something interesting. He invited Aaron to play a round of ‘gay chicken’ Tom geared up to Aaron as the latter was having a glass of wine. Tashie excitedly said: “I wanna see chicken, come on”, as the rest of the housemates gathered in a circle. The bixsexual, that’s Tom, and the straight, thats Aaron, ultimately started intercourse which left the housemates in amazement. Aaron’s reply to the event was that Tom tasted of brocoli as Tom stood and smiled.

In ‘Day 10’ Rebeckah and Heaven had an argument. Tom and Aden were in the kitchen talking about the row. Aden said that he is used to confrontation as some of his friends don’t get on with each other. Heaven went to the diary room to talk about the effect that the argument has had on the house. She told big Brother that Rebeckah is “manipulative” and likens her to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Heaven says she feel “hurt” as she had previously “opened up” to Rebeckah.

Later the housemates were still discussing the argument and mention Aden’s reaction. Aaron says that Aden should have been impartial instead of wanting to “protect Rebeckah.” Faye said the whole thing shocked her and Louise. Aaron joked that if it had “kicked off” he would have looked to Faye to protect him.

Even later Aden and Jay were in the garden talking about Rebeckah and Heaven’s argument. Aden said that he is going “to look after” Rebeckah and Jay tells him not to be one-sided. Forty-four minutes after a make-up chat started, Rebeckah and Heaven were still having discussions to revolve their differences.

Heaven and Rebeckah continued to talk. Rebeckah believed people in the house have not been as “straight up” as both of them and the subject returns to Aden. “I do love him you know,” she said, “But age is a massive issue.” Rebeckah said she will see what happens on the outside, and reckons Aden will have people lining up for him anyway. Rebeckah told Heaven not to doubt her and apologises if she hurt her and they hug. Big Brother announces that nominations will start in ten minutes time, to which they are both shocked. Rebeckah says she believes she is in trouble this week. Heaven agrees, stating it will be both of them up together.

In the kitchen, Faye and Tom are trying to persuade Aaron to talk “dirty.” Aaron says that he will try, “the next time I get drunk,” but looks embarrassed. Faye asks why he won’t comply and Aaron tells her that he wants to, “But something is stopping me.” Tom says that Aaron is like “having sex with a brick wall!” and Aaron looks hurt. “Just say, ‘get you’re knickers off young lady I’m going to give you some rumpy pumpy.’” Aaron is clearly unnerved and heads off into the garden.

Later the housemates were gathered on the sofa for the results of the nominations. Big Brother announced that Heaven and Rebeckah will face the public vote. “Obviously!” smiles Heaven and housemates hug her and Rebeckah. “You’ve both reacted well,” Tom told them. Rebeckah sits in silence as Heaven tells housemates that she is okay.

Highlights of the Day

  • Aaron came into the bedroom and offered to make the girls a drink.
  • The boys speculated that Heaven had nominated Rebeckah.

Day 13

Some of the housemates were in the kitchen. Alex reveals her lack of house keeping experience and tells housemates that yesterday was the first time she had ever changed a bed. Jay is shocked and asks: “How long have you slept in a dirty bed?” “Seven months.” Alex replies as housemates grimace. She tells them that she used Febreze spray to keep the sheets smelling fresh.

Heaven and Rebeckah put the poles under the stairs to good use. Rebeckah twirled around the pole seductively and Heaven followed suit.

Some of the housemates were messing around in the bedroom while Aden was talking to Rebeckah on her bed. “I love you to pieces,” he tells her. “I love you too,” Rebeckah replies then adds “not proper love,” as they have not known each other long enough. Aden tells her that she is stunning, sweet and caring and “I don’t care about your past, it’s the present (sic) I look forward too.” Rebeckah tells him he has a “heart of gold” and to win Big Brother for her. Aden is crying. Rebeckah reminds Aden that they are playing a game: “Some people are better than me” at playing she quips. Aden leaves her and she calls after him.

Highlights of the Day

  • Alex had a cold shower and her fake tan went streaky. Maisy helped to remove the worst of it.
  • All of the housemates were in the living room.

  • Alex and Tom were dancing under the stairs.
  • Aden and Rebeckah were lying on the sofa.
  • Aden told Maisy she had a spot on show, which made her cry.

Day 17

Last night Aaron and Maisy shared a late night cuddle in bed. In the bedroom, Aaron hinted to Mark what happened with Maisy, shaking his head and making gestures, then hung his head in mock shame. Minutes later, Aaron was making tea as Maisy comes out of the bedroom. They avoided eye contact and Maisy walked out to the garden. Moments later, she returned to the house and catches Aaron’s eye and they smirked at each other.

Aaron starts to discuss what happened last night and warns: “You can’t tell anybody.” He tells Mark that he and Maisy got close and says that “Anton watched the whole thing.” Mark tells him that the house is going to look “disgusting.” Maisy comes into the bathroom and checks her face in the mirror, she leaves the bathroom without speaking.

Later Anton was spilling the beans to Louise. “Aaron and Maisy were getting off with each other last night,” he confides. Louise says that she doesn’t believe what they did and Anton says that Aaron and Maisy thought he was asleep. “I don’t think they had sex though,” he adds and mimics the breathless noises he heard.

Housemates have paired up to take part in a milkshake tasting task. All housemates visit the diary room to take part and at the end of the task, Harry and Tom and Aden and Anton are declared the winners.

Maisy is in the garden with Aaron. She tells him that she is “annoyed” with him for not putting a stop to the rumours. Tom and Faye are upset. In the garden Maisy asks if Aaron considered Tom’s feelings. Aaron seems confused and asks her why that would be a cause for concern: “I wasn’t really thinking, we were in bed, you’re incredibly hot…” Tom explains “It’s not your fault if someone else likes you.”

Highlights of the Day

  • Mark was in the shower and Aaron joined him.
  • Anton said he felt like he was on EastEnders.
  • Aaron confessed that he was feeling “slightly randy”.
  • Mark and Harry are had a controversial conversation in the kitchen about fox hunting.
  • Alex says that she didn’t realise that Tom fancied Aaron.

Day 18

Last night Tom was upset following his argument with Aaron. In the kitchen, Tom tells Louise that he was so upset, “I didn’t even want to sleep in the bedroom.”

Aaron was in bed and had not spoken to any of his housemates for 1 hour and 21 minutes. He ponders leaving Big Brother.

Today housemates had to nominate for the third time. Anton and Heaven were in the living area, discussing the act of nominating. “This is the part of the show that gets you one hundred thousand pounds in your bank account,” Anton declares.

Aaron is in the diary room brooding over the situation. He cites Aden, Anton and Louise as the main housemates, “who felt it was ok to spread gossip.” He talks about the level of Faye’s upset adding: “I didn’t know Faye was into me.” Aaron says that Tom is “not worth discussing,” and feels that Tom was wrong “for telling people I’m into him. He confesses that the person he is most “disappointed” with is himself and is torn between “spending most of my time in bed or going home.”

Tom and Harry were in the bathroom and Harry asked Tom if he would talk to Aaron if he approached him. Harry says he needs to conquer his fear and “man up.” Tom says “he’s been leading me on.”

Aaron was still unsure whether to leave the Big Brother house and talked to Aden in the garden. Aaron told Aden that he expects to be up for nomination so he will just leave the house “properly.” Aden tries to reassure him that he might not be up. Aaron explains that it would be rude to the people who kept him in two weeks ago if he was to walk out.

Big Brother announced that Aden, Heaven and Aaron would face the vote. Aden commented that he is “blessed.” Heaven looks a bit upset and says that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Maisy hugs Aaron and he jokes loudly “I wish I’d had sex with you now Maisy.”

Highlights of the Day

  • Tom and Alex were dancing in the garden.
  • Mark tried to find a reason as to why Aden was nominated for eviction.
  • Anton’s told the housemates that next week he’ll celebrate a birthday and he told the housemates that he cannot wait.

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