Lowest ever rating for latest Big Brother eviction

Last night’s live eviction attracted 1.26 million viewers to Channel 5, making it the lowest ever in the history of the programme.

There was a time when eviction nights were the most watched episodes of the week as fans would flock to see the housemate they liked the least evicted. The move to Channel 5 was bound to bring ratings down, but so far the 12th series of Big Brother has been disappointing. Last night, Heaven become the third housemate and the third female to be evicted. Her eviction interview at 11.00pm attracted 1 million viewers. It is thought that the surprise autumn sunshine that a majority of the UK is seeing could be a factor for last nights low numbers.

The decision to attract ‘casual viewers’ and seemingly ignoring loyal fans of the format seems to have backfired on the show’s producers. Channel 5 boss Richard Desmond (pictured) bought the channel last year and from the outset was keen on buying the show, which he did. The change of channel seen them drop the live feed. This angered fans who posted comments on the Big Brother Facebook site. Desmond also owns the Daily Star, Express newspaper and OK! Magazine. Some have speculated that the decision to drop the live feed was to ensure his publications get the ‘exclusives’.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9.30pm on Channel 5