Big Brother: Faye and Maisy up for eviction

The latest round of nominations have taken place with Faye and Maisy receiving the most nominations.

On Monday, all the housemates were called to the Diary Room to make their nominations. First up was Aaron who nominated Jay and Anton. He chose Jay because of last night’s comments, and Anton because he “acts like some sort of big cheese”. Aden was next who chose Aaron and Faye, citing that there is always drama when she has been drinking. Alex nominated Maisy saying: “she doesn’t really engage in conversation with me”. Her second nomination was for Faye.

Anton nominated both Faye and Maisy, as does Harry and Louise. Harry says that when he tries to talk to Maisy she just breaks into song. Anton said when nominating Maisy: “she is stuck in a medium world of nothingness”. Faye nominated Anton because she felt distance between them this week. She nominated Aaron again saying that as a friend, she is not getting much back in return.

Jay nominates Faye due to the drama she causes when she has been drinking. His next nomination is Mark, saying that Mark shouldn’t pander to Aaron’s emotions. Maisy nominates Aaron,  for similar reasons that  Faye gave. She then nominated Mark, questioning whether he is genuine or not. Mark nominates Aden because their conversation “doesn’t really go anywhere”. Mark’s second nomination is for Maisy. Last to nominate was Tom who nominated Aden because he finds it hard to speak to him and Maisy because she doesn’t do much around the kitchen.

You can see the full reasons tonight at 10.00pm on Channel 5. Either Maisy or Faye will be evicted from the house this Friday.