Blackberry users continue to face problems with service

Blackberry users in the UK are still reporting some problems with service as the meltdown spreads to the US.


Over the past four days there have been blackouts on Blackberry email service and Blackberry Messenger Service (BBM). Although most of the backlog in the UK has now cleared, some users have still expressed their anger online. The owner of Blackberry, RIM has said that the latest outages on a back log of emails.

“Clearly we have a backlog in Europe… as you can imagine, with the global reach of Blackberry and people using it to contact others around the world, there’s a lot of messages to Europe from Asia and the Americas.” – RIM spokesperson.

Lord Sugar has been doing the rounds on news programmes over the past few days criticising Blackberry for their slow response to the situation. He insisted if it was one of his companies it would have been fixed by now. Blackberry devices are popular with companies to communicate via emails, and with the youth because of the free BBM service.