I'm a Celebrity Day Six Highlights

Snake Rock and Croc Creek merge together, Antony and Willie had words about how to boil a kettle and model Emily Scott’s arrival caused much excitement in yesterday’s edition of I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!

Snake Rock and Croc Creek were told that they would merge and become one big camp.  This meant that Snake Rock would join Croc Creek.  The former’s campmates were nervous about a new home having bonded as a ‘family’.

Jessica –Jane said she was half nervous and half excited and Dougie said he was looking forward to seeing new people again.  However, camp ‘mum and dad’ Stefanie and Willie weren’t so overjoyed at having to move.

Meanwhile in Croc Creek, talk was also of the impending change. Mark told Antony it might be the last time they went to the shower together and also confided that he would give Stefanie his bed if necessary. Antony wasn’t quite so generous minded. “She’d drop you like a hot brick. It’s show business not show friends” he warned.

After the joining of the camps, the members of what was Snake Rock said they felt like invaders in the new camp. Stefanie said “We’ve just come into Croc Creek and seeing our old mates. Here will be more games afoot and more tricks. We’re not going to be in beds, we’re going to be in hammocks.” Even Dougie found it awkward.  “We really feel like we’re in someone else’s home” he said.

Antony and Willie had words about how to boil a kettle and later Antony, never one to hide his feelings said “It’s going to be a lot more crowded.  They’ve already started on our fire.They’re just zoned in on our fire and started to change it and I’m not happy!”

Sinitta (pictured, right) was selected by the British public yesterday to participate in the Bushtucker trial ‘Cable Car-Tastrophe’. The object of the challenge was to find eleven stars inside and outside a cable car hanging over the edge of valley. Sinitta needed to find and release the stars from critter infested boxes and then bring them back to the centre of the cable car and deposit them in the slot on the floor within ten minutes, with each star representing one meal for camp.

Sinitta encountered a panic attack and cried from fear moments before going into the hanging car. Sinitta reluctantly began and opened the first box containing cockroaches and screamed: “No…no…I saw…I saw” refusing to collect the star.

When Ant & Dec suggested she open the box above her head in case critters fell out she refused yelling: “No they will all come out”. With the pressure on Sinitta then shrieked on the next box: “I don’t know what it is…I think it is a snake”. The hosts reassured her that the box she had her hand in contained nothing alive. She attempted to get the star but passed squealing: “I can’t do it I am sorry I am freaking out”.

With only three and a half minutes to go Sinitta overcame her fear and retrieved 4 stars from boxes that contained meal worms, green ants by singing to herself: “happy birthday to me”.

Sinitta’s found her final fourth star by balancing outside the cable car mistaking the helmet camera for a bug on her head and managed to climb back in and put the star in the slot in the floor just before the buzzer, but not before the floor collapsing beneath her and dropping down the valley. Dangling in her harness she cried: “Oh god…I am alright”. Sinitta relieved on winning four meals for camp: “There was a point in there I thought this is not going to happen at all”.

With so many new people, each of the campmates were keen to tell stories of their own expertise. Pat – recently returned from the Middle East on a 1980s concert tour – couldn’t believe that Willie hadn’t heard of bands like T’Pau and Katrina & The Waves.

But Jessica-Jane stuck up for Willie (pictured, right) and said that he knew more about horses than anyone else. He told his campmates that he had won 4000 races and that he thought he was a good a jockey as Frankie Dettorri. He also talked about his days riding The Queen’s horses. “I was her last retained jockey” he said.

Mark and Dougie were both in a mischievous mood and decided that they would hide a coconut from the food trunk. They thought that only Antony would notice as he was the cook. So secreting the coconut behind a large log they undertook ‘Mission Coconut’.

Mark told Dougie how he was relieved that the camps had merged. “It’s much better now we’re all together. It was really getting me down” he said. And Dougie said “we could imagine you guys laughing”.

But Antony caught the two lads retuning from their mission.“Oh I see” he said. “Dropped by my two favourites.” But continuing their ‘bromance’, Mark replied “You’ll never be dropped. We’re the three musketeers.”

Dougie confessed that Mark led him astray. “Mark’s a bad influence to me. He’s going to get me into trouble. Mark says we’re going to eat it (the coconut) but I’m super paranoid that everyone’s going to hate us. Bad Mark. Naughty Mark.”

Mark, Dougie and Pat caught up on the sofa and the lads told Pat what they were up to. “I think it will kick off” advised the older man. “Antony will not be amused. He treats that kitchen like his children.”

But Mark was more optimistic. “I know Antony. He won’t go mad. If no one admits it, it won’t matter.” Later Dougie and Mark continued to plot. “If no one notices (it’s missing) after a day, we should eat it” said Dougie. But when Mark encouraged him, he said “Let’s wait until tomorrow”.

Crissy (pictured, right) and Antony were chosen to find yesterday’s celebrity chest. Crissy left camp with Antony and yelled to the others: “We are not promising anything!”

Once they arrived Antony found a riddle which read: “Buried in the ground, use detectors to track it down, once you have found it don’t hang around, digging it up plays a sound”. Antony and Crissy used the metal detectors provided to find treasure but were disappointed when they realised it was a tree root instead, Antony added: “My nerves are hanging out”.

Antony’s detector went off again and he yells to Crissy: “Bring the spade!” Not exactly the chest but rather another part of the riddle: “It is locked so you will need to use this map to find pieces of old plates”.

Not realising how tough it was going to be; especially when they finally realised the map they had read was upside down Crissy said: “We are going to be here all night”. A tired Antony moaned: “Are your hands hurting…I have blisters on me hands”.

They finally after a long day found all the plate pieces and retrieved the chest and Crissy added: “If that blows up I am going home”. Relieved of their find Crissy danced on the chest and they skipped off happily carrying the chest with Crissy hoping: “It better be chocolate”.

Brave Fatima took a tick head on yesterday literally. The tick had managed to burrow its way into her head. Worried Fatima showed all the other celebrities and panicked: “It has buried himself in me it is horrible I can feel it…my god what if it goes right inside?”

Fatima dashed for the Bush Telegraph and shrieked: “Oh it is painful…its becoming inflamed I can feel it swelling”. She later had it removed.

Model, Emily Scott’s arrival caused much excitement, particularly amongst the men of the camp.  Pat teased Mark. “You little tinker” he said having caught Mark and Dougie chatting to Emily about the time that she lived in London.

“That fire’s looking good” said Mark, trying to change the subject. “There’s a fire burning in your loins” teased Pat. Pat pointed out that Emily’s skin was very fair. “Makes a change from an Essex girl” retorted Mark.

Later as Antony cooked, Pat again teased Mark telling him that Emily was there to ‘spice things up’ as Jessica-Jane was engaged. And joking with Emily, Pat also stirred things up by saying “Emily, don’t sit back. Or it will be a whole new meaning to ‘Emily’s got a hot ass’.“

“I like that one” she replied. “Mark, I’ll leave the rest to you” laughed Pat (pictured, right).

Mark had been playing pranks and having a laugh with Dougie all afternoon and became aware he’d left his bromance partner Antony out of the action. Antony was having a shave down in the creek when Mark joined him as he wanted to get a few things off his chest.

I know Dougie is here but I just want you to know you don’t have to worry, I don’t think I couldn’t have done this for one minute without you” Marks told Antony. “I want to be assured I have a friend for life?” said Mark, “You’ve no worries there’ said Antony.

“I’ve been down this afternoon and I couldn’t figure out why but then when you came back to camp (after celebrity chest) I was happy again” said Mark. Mark continued to talk to Antony whilst he was trying to shave, “I obviously love your company but maybe I feel safe when you’re around?”.

The bromance ‘love in’ continued with Mark telling Antony, “I feel like you’re a proper big brother, I’m so glad I met ya”. Antony stops shaving and says, “You’ve been a real good pal”.

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