Dana Delany to return to Desperate Housewives

Dana DelanyDana Delany is set to reprise her Desperate Housewives role of Kathryn Mayfair.
The actress bowed out of the ABC drama during its sixth season to launch her own drama series Body of Proof. However, as Desperate Housewives is now in its final season it was only a matter of time before some former stars were asked back. Producers had already made it clear they were hoping to get Delany back on Wisteria Lane and Entertainment Weekly report the actress will indeed return.
It’s unclear when the actress will make her return to Desperate Housewives and in what form – if it will be via flashbacks ect. However, the actress isn’t the only former cast member to have been asked back; Andrea Bowen who played Julie Mayer and Kyle MacLachlan who played Orson Hodge will also be returning at some point.