I'm a Celebrity Day Twelve Highlights

Its our twelfth update from the celebrity jungle here at ATV Today, and in this round-up the first celebrity is evicted, while Lorraine fusses over towels, Pat managed to win eight stars in his trial, Chrissy moaned about the moaning and Sinitta screamed.

The celebrities woke up a grumpy and whingeing with Antony complaining of waking up to “a wall of sound” from Lorraine who was fussing over the whereabouts of her towels.

He said: “I woke up to a wall of sound from Lorraine, how do people talk so much?”

Pat complained that his night in the Sin Bin was worse than the night in the cave and he’d been bitten by a huntsman spider while Dougie complained of so many flies, they were actually mating on his legs. Chrissy meanwhile moaned about the moaning: “I’ve never known so much whingeing; I wouldn’t have missed a day of it in here.”

Pat was voted by the public to complete last night’s Bushtucker Trial called Bushman’s Bungalow. It was set in a deserted shack set by a lake, complete with an ancient bushman rocking on a rocking chair on the veranda outside. The spooky shack was divided into rooms, all of which hid stars – but also jungle critters and nasties. Pat had a limited amount of time in each room, during which he had to find the stars, and come face to face with the jungle inhabitants of the shack.

First up was the bedroom which hid three stars. He rummaged through drawers and cupboards, all of which were full of cockroaches and other insects.  He opened a drawer at the bottom of a wardrobe and jumped as it contained a snake.  But no star.  Ripping back the sheets on the bed, he found that it was infested with cockroaches. After he’d finished in the bedroom he confessed to Ant & Dec that the snakes had really “freaked him out.”

Next up was the living room. He dismantled an old stove in which he found a nest of rats – but no stars. Another chest was full of rats; and a cupboard contained a possum. “This Trial is tough” puffed Pat as he ran around the room. He then made his way to the kitchen. He clattered and crashed around the dilapidated and dirty room plunging his hand into a sink of eels. Everything he opened seemed to contain mealworms and there were flies buzzing around everywhere. The cupboards were full of rats and frogs; the drawers were full of cockroaches and he opened a fridge to find rotten fish inside.

He had to look around outside next. A rusty old bathtub contained baby crocodiles – but were they hiding any stars? There was a bandicoot in a box, and he even searched the bushman himself in his quest to earn meals for camp. Finally he had to get into a boat contacting old fish and row to a buoy which had a star attached to it. Pat jettisoned the boat and jumped straight into the water, swimming to the buoy.

Pat emerged from the water exhausted having won eight out of the possible 12 stars. He told the fellow celebrities: “It was a hideous ordeal. It involved horrible carcasses, rats, bandicoots, it could not have been more horrendous – it was very, very, very, very difficult like you can’t imagine, it nearly killed me.”

Mark Wright turned into a mad emotional wreck screaming for Dougie to help him during the fright filled overnight challenge. And Sinitta became the first celebrity to shout “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” when fear got the better of her during the battle of wills trial that which could gain their team immunity from being voted out first.

The orange team were at a disadvantage for only winning one of the three previous Beat the Bugs rounds starting with just 30 minutes on their clock as opposed to the blue team who had earned themselves an hour. Each team set off in the night to the middle of the jungle where they were to spend as long as possible lying in a Perspex box bed accompanied, of course, by their worst fears – claustrophobia, spiders, rats and snakes. The team that clocked up the most hours won immunity from the public voting them off.

Each team could pick what critter to place in their opposing team’s beds, so the orange team immediately decided rats for Mark, while the blue team chose cockroaches for Sinitta and snakes for Antony. A very scared Sinitta took her time before getting into bed claiming the night was “like a Freddie Kruger movie”. She tried to shield herself with a blanket against what was going to appear through the holes but was soon shouting to get out – and was sent back to camp. “As we approached our beds I felt my legs go and I thought I’d pass out, I couldn’t breathe properly and it reminded me of when I was a little girl and my mums used to have to search under the bed, beds are supposed to be safe places and this was my worst nightmare.”

Next out was Antony who was freaked out by having three large snakes as bed mates, especially when one went to toilet on his leg. “Oh god, oh god, my plan has backfired and I’ve now got a snake on top of me” as the python stretched out the length of the soap star. “Get me out; I can’t cope with them anymore, ” he pleaded.

Wearing his bandana over his face, Mark squealed for most of the night saying: “Dougie, I can’t do this”, as more and more rats ran into his bed, “I’ve got to get out, I can’t sleep, they are my worse thing in the world, they are crawling into my pyjamas, they are getting more confident, I can’t do it! I’m going to be sick, they stink and are doing poo’s all over my bed. This is the worst thing I’ve had to do, ever.”

Emily had been very brave spending the night with lots of crabs but had a panic attack and started sobbing. “I don’t like being in the box, I’m claustrophobic, I fell asleep but when I woke up my heart started going but I will stay.”

Chrissy was the first of the blue team to leave after bravely bearing hundreds of cockroaches pouring over her and crawling into her ears, she laid completely still all night in focused silence. “I’m freezing and I feel like Beetlejuice,” she said.

Fatima endured rats nibbling at her and was called Ratima by her camp mates. Lorraine had yabbies while Willie got all giggly and twitchy with cockroaches. A very cool Stefanie was accompanied by crabs. Willie said: “I wish I had crabs”. Antony warned him to be careful for what he wished for.

As dawn rose over the jungle, the remaining celebrities were released from their boxes and returned to camp. The results showed that the blue team were the victors and saved from the public vote with 35 hours and 56 minutes against the orange team’s 29 hours and 22 minutes.

When the blue and orange camps were reunited, Dougie jumped straight onto Antony who squealed: “Don’t! I might get pregnant and I’m not on the pill, I think I’ve got a Dougie baby inside me now!”

The camp were sat together talking about Christmas shopping, “I love Christmas shopping” declared Mark. “I can even picture what I’ll wear when I get back home, roll neck jumper, jeans, boots, gloves and woolly hat, that’s how excited I am”.

“I’ve got no girl to do it with though” said a sad Mark. “Arhhh” said Sinitta, “I need a lady friend, Sinitta, will you be my lady friend?” he replied, “Yes, please, can you imagine, I could be your sugar mama” – they both laughed.

Sinitta suggested that Mark and Emily could be a show romance but Crissy chipped in, “That’s a long distance relationship, it wouldn’t work”. Mark said, “She can move back”, “But what if you take Emily back and after a while say….byyeeeee?” asked Crissy.

“She’s coming back anyway” said Mark, Crissy turned to Emily and said, “Are you?”. Emily smiled and said “I’m going to go over anyway”. Crissy looks at them both and said, “Well she needs something to go back with…a ring and a key to a house”, Emily looked at Crissy and said “I don’t think so”.

Mark looked at Emily and said “I’d love a long distance relationship, one thing I can’t do at moment is a full on relationship so long distance works”, Emily looked at him.

The celebrities had to play a game of charades in order to determine how many meals they would win for dinner last night. They sailed through guessing the culinary dishes being mimed by their jungle fellows until it was Chrissy’s turn to act out Victoria sponge. She mimed kicking a ball and pointed to her ring finger, totally confusing the celebrities who couldn’t guess what the charade was. The result was 11 out of a possible 12 meals.

Antony went into the Bush Telegraph to have another moan about his fellow camp-mates. “Some people are very good at doing nothing, I don’t include Crissy in that because she uses all her energy to entertain us and make us laugh”.

“There are other people that just don’t seem to do much or want to, I’m not naming names, that’s for the others to decide but it does grate a bit” said Antony.  He then went on to talk about the state of the camp and say how messy it was, “It looks like we’re on some kind of hippy student backpacking retreat where everyone’s just chilling out”.  “I’m a doer and I have to get up and do things otherwise you’d go mad”.

Jess and Sinitta were sat round the campfire having a girlie chat when Jess asked Sinitta about her relationship with Simon Cowell. “So is Simon your best friend? Are you always together?”. “Yeah, we’re not always together, he’s got other friends just as close, or closer, but we holiday together at Summer/Christmas and I work with him on [The X Factor].”

“I’ve really missed him this year, really missed him” said Sinitta. Jess then asked how they first met, “He signed me in the 80’s, I was his first artist.  We then dated on/off and stayed really close” said Sinitta.

“He’s nice, he’s fun, you’d like him” Sinitta said to Jess. “Is he cheeky?” asked Jess, “He’s exactly how he seems, jokey, playful” said Sinitta. They then both ponder; Jess turned to Sinitta and said “You’ll be swept off your feet soon”. Sinitta smiled, “I’m nearly ready, oooh my Ozzie Tarzan”, they both laughed. Sinitta turned to Jess and said, “That was our little, Eat Pray, Love”.

Emily and Mark were sat on the sofa together when Mark asked her if she was good at giving head massages, “I might be, are you?” asked Emily.

“No, I’m not” said Mark…Emily didn’t respond so Mark said he’s swap her a head massage for a shoulder massage. “Can you do them?” asked Emily.  “I’m phenomenal at massages” declared Mark. Mark rested his head on Emily’s lap, “Is that your boob or belly” he asked Emily, “My boob” smiled Emily.

Mark then closed his eyes for 5 mins whilst he enjoyed the head massage from Emily. “Is that a lump on your head, you’ve got a tick” said Emily. “NO way” shouted Mark. “Why me, leeches, a snake under my bum eating something, I’ve had them all, anything and I will get it.” He then dashed off to the Bush Telegraph.

As they lost the Immunity Challenge the orange team were up for eviction. The team saw Stefanie Powers leave the camp for the final time, leaving Lorraine Chase, Willie Carson, Antony Cotton, Fatima Whitbread and Sinitta remaining in the orange team.

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