David Cameron talks Christmas TV

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken about his family’s viewing habits over the festive period.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine he admitted that he was a fan of BBC One soap EastEnders, but added that he was not up-to-date with current storylines. Cameron also said he and his wife Samantha enjoy watching River Cottage and repeats of Inspector Morse.

“I’d have a Spooks reunion episode with all the old characters back from the dead – Adam Carter, Ros Myers, Ruth Evershed.Then one of those great costume dramas like Jane Eyre or Bleak House, then a film – Goldfinger or The Sound of Music, which I still love watching.” – Prime Minister’s ideal Christmas line-up

A staple of Christmas TV for many in the UK is the Queen’s Christmas Message, which airs at 3.00pm. He said that nothing stops his family from watching Her Majesty.