Fox to delay Terra Nova decision

Terra NovaFox will not make a decision on the future of Terra Nova until next year.

Jason O’Mara has stated that the broadcaster will not decide the fate of its dino-drama until next year. The actor tweeted ‘Decision to pick up Terra Nova for S2 deferred to New Year……Everyone involved remains confident and optimistic.” The first season of Terra Nova is due to bow out in America on the 19th December with a double-bill.

Terra Nova reportedly costs $4 million per episode because it is shot in Australia and involves heavy use of CGI. The series revolves around a group of colonists from the future who travel back to the Cretaceous is an alternative time-line. The drama revolves around the problems of dwelling in a past ruled by dinosaurs and a splinter group called the Sixers. The ratings for Terra Nova have mostly been average and given its high price tag its not surprisingly Fox are taking their time deciding the future of the series.

In the UK Terra Nova airs on Sky One.