Two more originals cast in The Vampire Diaries

Joseph MorganThe Vampire Diaries has cast two more members of Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan, pictured right) family.

TVGuide report that Caspar Zafer and Nathaniel Buzolic will join the cast, in a recurring capacity, as two brothers of Klaus. The two brothers are not exactly on the best of terms with their hybrid brother but then it seems most of Klaus’ family have reason to dislike him. British actor Caspar Zafer has previously appeared in football drama Dream Team. Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic has appeared in the short-lived soap Out of the Blue as well as Home & Away and All Saints.

Audiences have already been introduced to several other members of Klaus’ original vampire family. The second season introduced Elijah (Daniel Gilles) before it had even introduced Klaus himself. Elijah wanted to kill Klaus and struck up a deal with Elena (Nina Dobrev) to do so but at the last minute he betrayed them and allowed Klaus to life. The hybrid repaid his brothers’ “good deed” by reuniting him with their family; stabbing him and placing him in a coffin.

The third season introduced Klaus’ sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) who was more of an ally for Klaus then her other family members. Their father Mikael (Sebastian Roache) was also introduced¬† as a new adversary for Klaus but was killed, seemingly, in the mid-season finale Homecoming by Stefan (Paul Wesley). The flashback episode Ordinary Family – which explained the story of the original family somewhat – also featured Klaus’ mother Esther (Alice Evans) who was the original witch who placed the hybrid curse on Klaus in the first place – an act for which he killed her for and blamed his father.

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  • Couldn t agree more with your review as usual. I would only add that maybe both Klaus and Elijah were in love with the first PETROVA, the one who was used to crtaee the curse. I believe that cause of their dialogue when and Elijah said they once loved and Klaus said it was a long time ago. Who knows? Maybe we ll see Nina playing the her third character in season 3. Anyway .I just need to say as a Delena shipper PLEASE LET DELENA HAPPEN. We have been waiting for so long that if nothing happen till the finale, many viewers will give up, and it s such a pitty for this great show. Kisses, Read u next week. Cris