Cheryl Cole tops showbiz biceps poll

Forget rear of the year its official, Cheryl Cole Cole has the best arms in showbiz according to a recent survey.

The survey was carried out by the people behind Powerspin® the handheld fitness product. 1,000 people were asked to list their top five female celebrities who have the most enviable arms in the UK.

The Girls Aloud singer and former X Factor UK judge beat English rose Emma Watson to first place, with more than a third voting for her toned triceps. Emma Watson came second, with a number of people commenting that her slender appearance on the red carpet made them want to hit the gym.

Strictly Come Dancing presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman made third and fourth place respectively while ex-Daybreak presenter Christine Bleakley polled fifth. I’m surprised Bleakley’s arms could be seen by viewers under the six layers of varnish she bathes herself in.

The results of the poll, were:

1st– Cheryl Cole (37%)

2nd – Emma Watson (21%)

3rd – Tess Daly (18%)

4th – Claudia Winkleman(13%)

5th – Christine Bleakley (11%)

Roughly a quarter of those surveyed said they found the sight of slender, toned celebs ‘inspirational’, but many said they simply didn’t have the time to work out. However you’ll be pleased to know that the previously mentioned product behind this survey has been designed to ‘banish the bingo wings’.

So after all those hair adverts, because she’s worth it, people are actually looking at her arms.