Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear comments sparks more complaints

Jeremy Clarkson{jcomments off}Jeremy Clarkson is seemingly in hot water again after comments he made about India during the Top Gear Christmas Special.

The controversial presenter – who is known for his outspoken ways – had already prompted thousands of complaints to the BBC over comments he made on The One Show about public sector strikers. The BBC defended his comments on that occasion despite receiving thousands of complaints from members of the public and even the corporation’s director general, Mark Thompson, ended up defending the presenter during an appearance in front of the media select committee.

Just weeks after that incident it seems as though Clarkson and his sense of humour has landed him and the BBC in more hot water. Viewers are reportedly unhappy about several comments about by Clarkson about India and its culture during this year’s Christmas Special of Top Gear which aired on BBC Two earlier this week. The special was seen by 5 million viewers.

Comments and train stunts in the special, which involved mildly offensive phrases, have not gone down well with all of whom viewed the special. Slogans placed on trains that crossed India were seemingly there to promote Britain but when carriages were spilt the slogans took on entire new meanings; for example Eat English Muffins became, quite obviously, ‘Eat English Muff‘. It’s the kind of humour you’d normally expect to find in a bad Carry On/1970s comedy series.

So far the BBC has only received a handful of complaints over the special. However, with media attention still firmly fixed on Clarkson it’s likely this is another incident that will add fuel to the fire.