Vampire Diaries: Stefan to go to "extreme lengths" to get rid of Klaus

Paul WesleyStefan (Paul Wesley) will go to “extreme lengths” to get rid of original vampire Klaus (Joseph Morgan) from Mystic Falls in upcoming episodes of The Vampire Dairies.

The supernatural drama is due to return from its mid-season break on The CW. The mid-season finale saw Klaus set Stefan free from his compulsion after he saved the original vampire from Mikael (Sebastian Roche). However, in the closing minutes of Homecoming the story took a twist – something The Vampire Diaries thrives on – as Stefan stole the coffins belonging to the rest of the original vampire.

Upcoming episodes of The Vampire Diaries will see Stefan determined to get revenge on Klaus and get him out of Mystic Falls. Producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly the vampire will get “tunnel vision” in his quest to get rid of the original vampire and ‘starts going all Jack Bauer-Chuck Norris’. Plec explained ‘We get the sense that this guy, who used to be much more concerned with protecting collateral damage, now has no concerns about who might get hurt as he tries to get Klaus to back off’

Stefan’s determination to get rid of Klaus and his “extreme lengths” will put him at odds with his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and also his ex-girlfriend Elena (Nina Dobrev) as Plec explains to Entertainment Weekly ‘Our characters themselves are asking this question: Is he good? Is he bad? Is his humanity switched on or off? If on, what the hell is going on? What’s he doing? And the question of how Stefan is channeling all of his emotions into this rage makes him as much of a villain in his own way as he’s been all season’

Fans of the Damon/Elena pairing will probably be hoping Stefan’s actions will push the two together even more.