Fox rules out Glee spin-off

Chris ColferFox has ruled out producing a spin-off from Glee which would have revolved around several characters after they graduated.

A spin-off from Glee was first suggested last year and gained considerable attention from the press and seemed like a very well possibility – given the popularity of the series at the time. The proposed spin-off was rumoured to centred on several characters after they graduated from Glee such as Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele).

The spin-off looked set to happen when Glee show-runner Ryan Murphy announced several characters would be written out of the series after they graduated and newer characters introduced. However, that idea didn’t go down too well with fans of the musical drama and before long it seemed as though the producers were back-tracking somewhat.

Now Fox has confirmed it has no plans for a spin-off and the producers on Glee had come up with an idea to keep the graduating characters as part of the show. Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly, speaking at the Television Critics Association winter tour, said ‘Here’s what’s going on with Glee. We are graduating the characters that are due to graduate, and what’s come out of it is Ryan and the guys have come up with a really cool idea. There will not be a Glee spinoff…but those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”

However, Reilly wouldn’t be drawn on whether Chris Colfer would remain part of the cast despite confirming Lea Michele would. He seemed to dodge the question over the actor’s future with the series.