J.J Abrams hopeful over Fringe’s future

Joshua Jackson and Anna  TorvJ.J Abrams is hopeful that Fringe will continue on Fox despite the fact that many suggest it is facing certain cancellation.

TVLine reports that discussions over the future of Fringe are currently talking place between broadcaster Fox and producers Warner Brothers. The statement by Fox recently that the show loses it money and the continued low ratings for the series has, for some, doomed the series to cancellation.

However, while the low ratings and loss making certainly don’t make the future of Fringe look bright it isn’t axed yet. The fact that Fox and Warner Brothers are talking over a possible fifth season clearly indicates there’s hope. If Warner Brothers was to reduce the amount it charges Fox – it’s licensing fee – then Fox may renew Fringe as it would cost less. J.J Abrams is quoted by TVLine as saying, on the future of Fringe, ‘We remain hopeful that Fringe will be able to continue’

Fans will just have to wait and see if a deal can be struck but if it does happen its quite possible it will be for a final season.