Joseph Morgan predicts Vampire Diaries showdown

Joseph MorganJoseph Morgan has predicted a showdown between his character of Klaus and Rebekah (Claire Holt) is inevitable.

The brother and sisters were close until Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) revelation that it was Klaus and not their father Mikael (Sebastian Roche) that killed their mother Esther (Alice Evans). Having stuck by her brother for hundreds of years Rebekah switched sides but was ‘killed’ by Elena who had doubts over were her loyalties really lied.  Actor Joseph Morgan doesn’t think that Rebekah will stay dead on The Vampire Diaries for long.

“I can’t reveal exactly how she’ll come out of the coffin…I think Rebekah is the sibling Klaus is closest to. In a way, she’s the one he’s dreading to see the most because he loves her the most.  I think that confrontation between the two of them will have to happen, and I think it would be a crime if it doesn’t happen this season. I can’t reveal exactly how she’ll come out of the coffin” –
Joseph Morgan speaking to the Orlando Sentinel

Morgan recently confirmed that Klaus will develop a love interest in forthcoming episodes with some fans believing it will be with Caroline (Candice Accola).