BBC to axe The Royal Bodyguard

David JasonThe BBC is set to axe David Jason comedy The Royal Bodyguard after it lost over six million viewers and was slaughtered by the critics.

The Royal Bodyguard launched on Boxing Day with impressive ratings as overnight figures placed viewers at over 7 million viewers while final consolidated figures placed ratings much higher at over 8 million viewers. The critics though were not impressed by the new BBC One comedy and soon enough the ratings plunged; by its finale ratings had dropped below 3 million viewers.

It is hardly surprising then that BBC One looks set to axe the comedy with an insider telling TV Biz ‘Unfortunately the show just did not work out. Ratings fell and it got a mauling in the Press. It is highly unlikely that it will return’. Lead actor David Jason has already admitted the comedy didn’t work as expected telling the Radio Times We tried, we had a good go, we enjoyed doing it and, yeah, perhaps I think we didn’t quite bring it off.’

The BBC are insisting that no decision has been taken about The Royal Bodyguard‘s future, yet, but with ratings that low it seems highly unlikely it’ll be back.