Broadcasters issue statement over cameras in court

The three main news broadcasters have released a joint statement following today’s Queen’s Speech.
A plan to lift the ban on cameras in courts has been announced in the Queen’s Speech today. The speech, which is written by the government, sets out legislative agenda for the year. It had been rumoured that the decision to allow cameras in court would be included. It will come under a new crime bill which the government hopes to pass through as law.

My Government is committed to reducing and preventing crime. A Bill will be introduced to establish the National Crime Agency to tackle the most serious and organised crime and strengthen border security. The courts and tribunals service will be reformed to increase efficiency, transparency and judicial diversity.

There has been opposition from some that allowing cameras in court would see trials become ‘event TV’ , which is something that happens in America. It is thought that cameras will only be allowed in some courts at first, with only summary and sentencing filmed. Scotland currently allows filming in courts if the judge agrees.

Following years of campaigning, we welcome this historic reform that marks an important step for democracy and open justice. The presence of cameras in our courtrooms will lead to greater public engagement and understanding of our legal system.
We look forward to working closely with the judiciary and the Government to ensure that justice will now truly be seen to be done. – Sky News, ITN and BBC statement

[Written by Shaun Linden]