Shonda Rhimes ‘hopeful’ of Private Practice future

Shonda Rhimes has said she is “hopeful” that Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice will return for another season.

Rhimes, creator of Private Practice, has stated she believes the medical drama will return for another season despite reports it will be axed by ABC. The rumours of its cancellation were sparked by ABC’s decision to move it to Tuesday nights thus uncoupling it from parent series Grey’s Anatomy.

“I’m never going to say that I absolutely know it’s coming back until the network tells me that it’s coming back but I’m hopeful…I feel like we’ve done our job for the network for a very long time and we’re continuing to do it. It’s really great to know that we have done better in that Tuesday time slot and held more audience than has ever been held before… and I hope the network recognizes that.” – Shonda Rhimes speaking to The Hollywood Reporter

More recently speculation has centred on ABC renewing the drama for a sixth and final season – most likely a shortened season of around 13 episodes. The network has yet to announce the fate of Private Practice or a string of other shows but Rhimes told the Hollywood Reporter that the fifth season final was a ‘a season finale, not a series finale’ adding ‘We did leave some questions unanswered and I think that was the only way for me to do it, I refused to go with the idea that this was the end of the show’

The show’s fate is expected to be revealed in the very near future.