Secret Circle Fans Launch Petition To Save Series

Fans of The CW‘s supernatural series The Secret Circle have launched a petition to save the series.

It was announced yesterday [Friday] that The CW had opted not to renew the witchy drama. The series was adapted from the novels by L.J Smith by Kevin Williamson who also adapted The Vampire Diaries for The CW as well. The two shows were paired together on Thursday evenings in a supernatural block.

The Secret Circle was widely expected to be renewed by The CW for a second season as it had solid ratings throughout its run – though admittedly they did drop for the last few episodes. To the surprise of some though The CW axed The Secret Circle and renewed Nikita and Gossip Girl instead.

Well fans of The Secret Circle haven’t taken the cancellation lying down and have launched a campaign to save it. So far the petition has over 5000 signatures and you can sign it yourself by clicking here >>.


  • were not going down without a fight! this show doesn’t deserve to be cancelled!

    • My family and I sooo agreeing with you. We aren’t going to go down without a fight, which is right. If The CW is this stupid then lets take it to another network, let them get the ratings.

      • I agree. If the CW is too blind to recognize a great show when they have it let another network pick it up!!!! CW doesn’t deserve the loyal viewers the Secret Circle brought it.

        • You got that right. This show has a huge potential and it does not deserve to be cancelled. I am guessing the new leadership of CW is far more blind than the last leadership if they do not recognize the talent of the show.
          If that is so, then maybe they do not deserve The Secret Circle. So, another network should pick it up.
          It is a real shame it had to come to this but if CW will not renew it then we will just have to keep fighting until another network like ABC Family picks it up.

      • Make that over 16,659
        signatures so far … and this is only on this poll

    • There are two petitions so far,, both almost reaching 8000 in just a day. Plus, twitter went crazy with all the TSC fans. It was n.1 worldwide trend yesterday.

    • These are all online petitions and twitter petitions to try to save the circle!! Make sure you sign them all!
      go to and leave them a message asking them to pick it up
      #BringBackTheSecretCircle #SAVETHECIRCLE #TheSecretCircle #BlackMagicSuperTwins #WeWantTheSecretCircleSeason2 #SecretCircleSeason2 #TSC

    • I don’t know what I’d do without this show, it’s the only show I can say is good all around. Not just that, but it’s very balanced. Meaning you don’t have to be a guy to be strong, since the girls on the show are just as powerful, if not more powerful, and not just that, but it’s 1,000 times better than Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries ( worse than twilight in my opinion ) and Nikita combined. Supernatural is dorky, boring, and too sci-fi, Nikita is just plain stupid, no description needed, and The Vampire Diaries, my god, I could vomit ( no offense to any of the fans of it, because I completely understand that this is just my opinion, not fact ) The Secret Circle is the only show on the CW worth watching, and if they cancel, I’m boycotting from the channel. Everyone, sign all the petitions, here’s the ones I’ve found. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – and don’t forget to contact the CW to support the renewal of TSC here and also I don’t know for sure if this info is correct but here is some other ways to contact the CW to support TSC ( like I said above, I do not know if this is correct info, but it’s all i could find ) By Mail: The CW Television Network, 3300 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505 Phone: 818-977-2500 Comment Line: 818-977-6878 Email:

    • The Secret Circle was my favourite show and it had a huge following here in the UK… I hope the producers see sense and bring it back

      Bring back the secret circle even if just for summer programming, we don’t care what network decides to pick it up just give TSC a home!
      Everyone who wants to help please visit to help and donate as much as you want to Save A Witch for the Save A Wish Foundation which is hoping for MTV to pick up TSC
      So please help and save the secret circle! if you go to save the circle click on Network Info where you can write a letter to any representatives from the CW, abc family, etc.
      Please help! and when writing to the representatives of the networks make sure to give them facts and evidence that support your ideas/suggestions and don’t criticize anyone so they read any email/letter, etc.

  • I absolutely adore the secret circle and was shocked to see it cancelled, yet Gossip Girl and 90210 got renewed. I used to LOVE both these shows, but they have gone completely down hill. I think the decision is wrong and unfair.

  • I agree what r they thinking they renewed hart of Dixie, gg, and 90210, instead of the secret circle ? The secret circle rocks! My friends, fam, and me get together to watch it every week. Please, bring this awesome show back.

    • Jaden,
      I agree. My father isn’t as interested but we watch the show during dinner. I got my mother hooked onto the show and her and I are talking about how the show could go into deeper plots and then I get a text from my mom this afternoon that The CW cancelled our show. This show is a family show and they need to realize that. I guess us fans we’ll have to go to different networks and ask them to save our show.

  • Damn right! Protesting and boycotting for the sake of a show that DESERVED to get renewed! Unlike HoD and GG.

    • I’m soo with you! After this unfair and stupid decision, CW desearves a boycotting!! I’m not watching anything anymore if they don’t renew TSC, and will go after people to do the same! They just dont hve any respect by the audience or the shows, they dont desearve that we spend our time giving them audience.

  • No you bring back sucky shows like 90210 with no substance or suspense and get rid out the secret circle because you took a mid hiatus and didnt market it well no sorry bring it back or get another network to pick it up and market it better sorry cw you suck lol

  • This is dreadful news! This show has gone from strength to strength with great story development. It is a teenage hit and can’t miss show; my daughters will be SO disappointed. What a mistake to axe it – change your mind before it’s too late. Ringer was rubbish but secret circle was great.

  • We will fight until we get what we want, they can’t just cancel a show because it didn’t have so much rating, they don’t know how popular the show is not only in the USA but also in all the world. I am from Argentina and there are a lot of fans here who love it. THEY RUINED MY LIFE THE SHOW WAS AND IT’S GOING TO CONTINUE BEING SPECTACULAR!

    • I’m from Brasil, and its very popular around here too. Honestly, I dont think the audience was so bad, it DID had more than 90210 and GG, so really doesnt make any sense! And if it wasnt the hit CW expected from the begining, it was their fault: they puted it together with TVD, that already has a strong fanbase, they gave it a lot of hiatus and I really think it was a mistake to leave Miller and so many other people who work on TVD responsible by TSC. Of course they would give much more attention to TVD, that is already a hit! well is what i think.

  • This show is so not coming back! It’s dead and no one wants to play with dead things. Get over it and read a book or something. Geez.

  • We are not going down without a fight this show deserves a second season and there is another campaign that was launched to save the secret circle with 7000 votes and more notes are coming we’re reaching a 10,000 votes now!

  • Hell Yea ! i’m not letting CW Take another Great show away from me, i will continute to fight for this show, they keep hart of dixie!? instead of the secret circle! WTF we’re they thinking!? and @Hannah Shut the hell up and go read a book or something.

  • it cant be canceled! we’ll do as many petitions as we need! sing this one

  • Was shocked and surprised at how short-sighted the CW are. This is a very popular show both in the USA & Canada, the UK and around the world. American ratings don’t count for everything, the twitter campaigns, polls and worldwide trending off #bringbackthesecretcircle show what a truly terrific and loyal fanbase tsc has. CW please re-think or get on board and release the show to another network who can give this show what it derserves, a second season.

  • Was really shocked to read that the show is cancelled!! had so much fun watching it. It has good storyline which can keep the people guessing and really interested into whats going on. Please dont cancel the show. It definately deserves to be on air…

  • I am so in, and I will definetly spread the word in Norway <3

  • btw, Nikita? That show really sucks, what the hell are they thinking?

  • We Are Going To Cast Our Biggest Spell Yet!
    NBC, MTV, Syfy, Or ABC Family Should Pick This Epic Magical Series Up! 😀

  • Yeah really dissapointed with what’s happened with the secret circle only show I watch on the CW everyone needs to join the petition to get it back! We don’t give up this easily and I just hope the fans can make it happen!! Spread the word.. #bringthesecretcircleback !!

  • Its on 7000 signatures now 😀 if the cw dosent renew this straight away another newtwork is going to make a tidy profit buying it and airing it 😀

  • CW you suck big time… TSC is an amazing show unlike GG and HoD…

  • Please don’t cancel secret circle, it’s a great show!!!

  • The American Ratings System is nowhere of accurate depiction of TV Shows anymore, hell I don’t think it ever was.
    The Secret Circle is very popular in the US and Canada and several other countries, even after the poor, misleading promotion campaign. We all knew Ringer was horrible and that it was doomed to fail, but SC grew and started to work out it’s kinks. The show’s’ fan-base is large and vocal.
    It’s like the CW want shows to fail. At the very least it should have gotten a half season pick-up 13 Episodes to at least tie loose ends. Give it a proper ending at least. Great job CW
    I’m so pissed at CW/WB always ruining good things, I forgave the WB for Birds of Prey, I was pissed with the 7th Heaven Bullshit. Hellcats was rage inducing and Life Unexpected was too gone before it’s time.


  • Dedicated fans for life. We must fight together and get this show back on the air either on another network or back on the CW although I would prefer a different network who isn’t as stupid to renew shows that should’ve been cancelled because of their lower ratings and loss in plot.
    Trend #save the circle and #bring back the secret circle on twitter.
    There’s also petitions here:

  • I am in love with this show and I cannot believe they cancelled it. We had more ratings and all of us TSC fans are very loyal.
    sign the petitions:
    email and let them know how you feel about cancelling TSC:
    and leave a feedback so they pick it up:
    Please. We need to be heard! Someone must save this show!!!


  • The CW needs to learn to let go of its older shows! Gossip Girl was renewed but is only allowed 11 episodes!? COME ON!
    Whether its on the CW or ABC Family

  • I’m still in shock that TSC has been cancelled after that awsome finale.. The only reason why I tuned to CW every Thursday in the first place was to watch this show.. It gave me something to look forward to. PLEASE, I beg you, reconsider and listen to the people and bring TSC back on for a season 2 it well deserves.. I will continue to fight, along with my fellow fans, to see this through..

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  • save this show! love it! where are all our fans! lets pull together abd fight fir season 2. lets do a little Magic!!!

  • i do not want the show to be cancelled! i love it! its my favorite show!

  • I can’t be arsed to get on twitter to sign this sorry. Besides may ain’t over yet maybe another channel will pick it up

  • Please visit this website which has been made for those who want to save the show, please take part in their initiatives to get the show back!

  • They can’t do this its so unfair the secret circle had good ratings much better then other crappy shows and they got renewed…this is unbelievable, they did the same thing with may other shows, but this feels personal somehow. I swear if they do not pick up TSC for season 2 I will never watch another CW show ever again. Please all fans unite, sign all the petitions post as much as you can and have faith perhaps CW will see how much fans this show really has international fans included its so stupid of them to never name us.

  • Seriously I don’t get why shows like Heart of Dixie get renewed and TSC which has obviously more Fans gets cancelled. Just look at Facebook..TSC has 660.794 Fans and HOD only 190.122. That’s not fair.

  • In my opinion it’s a great show…I mean where were the love triangle over the last couple of episodes? Diana/Cassie/Adam didn’t see anything of that, not even Adam/Jake/Cassie and in my opinion that shows how great The Secret Circle is. They don’t need a triangle to make a good show and story, all this dark magic, Blackwell, the circle and so on made each episode great and I didn’t miss anything. As a big fan of The Vampire Diaries I can also state, that TSC season 1 was far better than TVD 1. Okay, the beginning was yeah…the beginning, like every TV show has and some characters didn’t get the development…like every not main character…it’s the same on all TV shows. I mean Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood, Jenny Humphrey and so on, they were nobody in season 1, cause the shows concentrated on the main characters, but in season 2 they all got great stories, so I doubt that this wouldn’t happened to TSC and characters like Melissa, or even Adam. They had by far more development as the above mentioned characters from other shows. So if the CW is really wasting this great show for the other pilots (like another doctor show, we have already Grey’s Anatomy and Hart of Dixie, a beauty and the beast remake and whatever) than sorry, the CW doesn’t earn such great shows. The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are some of the best shows on TV, cause soon Supernatural will be gone and then there is nothing left except for one vampire show on their network and a bunch of teenager shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl. I like them, but the CW does not any good in sticking to this stereotypes.

  • bring back the sc please i love this show

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  • Damn you CW!!! The Ringer and Secret Circle was not only two of the best new shows on cw but two of the best shows of thier type on tv period!!! I will not watch whatever is put i its place. You did not give these two shows the support they deserved, especially with all the interuption in the season schedule!

  • The Secret Circle is the only Show about Witches on television and it has many more stories to tell us……….Bring it Back !!

  • I was hooked from the first episode and I never missed a show after that . This year was brutal for cancellations after one season on many networks. This has left me wondering why on earth I would even chance to watch any new show they offer in place of them. I am not talking only about The CW, however, The Secret Circle being cancelled has lead me here. I wasn’t a fan of ringer, but I know those fans feel the same way we do about the cancellation.
    I will continue to watch shows that I have watched for years, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Nikita… etc, however I refuse to watch anything new that they put out, which is too bad because two of the new summer series caught my eye, oh well.
    That said if they change their minds and bring The Secret Circle back I might take a chance on the network and their new summer programming, except for The Catalina… which looks nasty.

  • please dont cancel the secret circle it is the best show!

  • My whole family loves this show and watched it every week – please bring it back!

  • Is it gonna come bakkkkk!