Justin Bieber on time following concert backlash

Girlfriend, promo, JB PurfumesTeen pop star Justin Bieber was on time for his second concert at the O2 Arena in London following Monday’s late arrival.

Bieber left some, mainly parents of young children, angered at his late arrival on Monday. Later citing ‘technical issues’, the ‘Baby’ star appeared on stage one hour and thirty minutes later than was purportedly advertised.

Many parents who took their children to see the concert were angry that he left an audience of 20,000 waiting for such a long time on what is a school night.

According to press reports it is said that Bieber was being a ‘diva’, frustrating his management and family who were with him.

GetTaxi parked a black cab outside Justin Bieber’s hotel – and offered him a free lift to the concert.