The Inspirational Christopher Maloney

Chris Maloney

We’re all for celebrating talent at ATV Today, after all the ATV brand is forever tied to search-for-a-star series New Faces which launched the career of such legends as Victoria Wood, Les Dennis and, er, Jim Davidson. So let us celebrate the continued success of Christopher Maloney, because we can.

Since almost winning the X Factor, and our telly critic Queenie is still suspicious about the results, “I tried calling and couldn’t get through for Christopher, so my vote didn’t count”, he has become hugely popular with a large following of dedicated fans.

His followers believe that Christopher Maloney is one of the biggest inspirational music stars in quite a long time.

For those who followed his journey through the X Factor series, they’re fond of him for more than just his singing talent. Let’s remember how firstly he was so scared about applying for the series and as regular viewers will recall how he tore up the application form many times before biting that bullet and going for it.

“He showed that you just have to go for it, make your dreams come true. There are so many Chris fans out there that have said he is an inspiration to them for doing this and showing how far you can go. Don’t hold back, go for it and be confident.” One of his followers told us.

It’s this outlook which makes Christopher a refreshing change on the celebrity scene, it isn’t all ‘look at me’, its far more down to earth, something other personalities could learn from.

Maloney came 3rd out of hundreds of thousands who auditioned for the 2012 X Factor series, one of ITV’s long serving ratings bankers.

Despite being third in the final the voting statistics have shown that he had a seven week run at the top of the voting poll.

“This is not just down to his brilliant loyal fans, this is down to Christopher showing how much talent he has in front of millions of people singing his heart out with that powerful voice week in and week out and earning those votes from everyone.” Another fan added.

Christopher’s cousin Lee also told us, “Since the X Factor he has helped out with numerous different charity’s not only re-tweeting so many on his Twitter page, but actually making the effort to go to visit some places and making so many people smile and feel happy. This is a rare thing as I have not seen many others do this, And this shows how kind hearted Chris actually is.”

With fame comes many positives and also a few negatives, while on his X Factor journey a lot of fans were left angry by some media outlets portraying Christopher as a troublesome villain with several reports on behind-the-scenes incidents reported.

However the programme is well known for its over dramatising of situations, assisted by the press, which lead to fans suggesting that Christopher was being bullied with fabricated stories generated to sell more papers, and also raise audience viewing figures.

“It happened to someone the year before,” a fan notes, adding, “Chris kept his head down and worked very hard every week no matter what the press said. This is also the second inspiration to his fans, he beat it all and made it to the final. That’s amazing as I very much doubt anyone else could have even got half way after all the lies every week and negative feedback from the judges, It also shows you never to give up.”

Christopher this past week also spoke about the rumours surrounding his sexuality to NOW magazine, to which he ‘came out’ as gay.

“This is the 3rd Inspirational thing to his fans, the fact he was brave enough to come out and tell everyone. There are only a handful of famous stars out there that have actually done this. But as his fans are the BEST and there Loyal he has had amazing support since the interview.”

Fans also tell us how it has been shocking, yet also positive, to see that many of the one-time Maloney haters have since become fans of the singer having seen him perform live.

Lee told us, “I’d be a millionaire if I had £1 for every time I have seen people say that on Twitter and his Facebook page.”

We’re also told Christopher should have a big announcement to make in the near future concerning his career, including those much-needed BIG record deals.

“I’m very sure Chris will be a Number 1 at some point. He already is in my eyes and in his loyal fans eyes.” Lee says, adding, “Well Done Christopher and keep doing what you’re doing.”

Chris Maloney Fan

Telly critic Queenie concludes, “Christopher proves that its true, just do what you like, and don’t let the b*****ds get you down. We can all mock television programmes, but I think we all are guilty of forgetting there are real people with feelings behind them. Sometimes I can even have sympathy for the executive producers, even those who make TOWIE.”

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Follow on his Twitter page and you can sign up to his Official website

[Reported by Mike Garrett and Lee Brady]


  • After all this time Christopher is still very popular. The reason is really simple. He is brave and strong. After all he went through he did nearly win. IN a way he did win. He won people’s hearts.
    He has now the opportunity to go ahead and make plans what he wants to do next.
    He is someone who took and does take the time to involve himself with charity. People won’t forget our actions and deeds.
    Christopher I am so proud of you kiddo. HOpe you keep being an inspiration.

  • christopher was the winner go through the series and watch what went on it was a fixi know he will be big because he has alreadyearnt it and the judges and simon cowell acted discusting i will not bother watchingit again i was under the impression it was a singing contest silly me its who simon and his cronies want thats why its a fix so carry on singing your socks off love you to bits sandyxxx

  • Christopher is the most gentle, lovely, kind, brave, dignified, highly talented person to hit the headlines for a very long time. I have so much admiration for him, in both the dignified way in which he conducts himself and also his amazing powerful singing voice.
    I wish him all the luck in the world with his career, his personal life and indeed everything he chooses to do. Best of everything to his lovely nan too.
    Thanks for being you Christopher XX

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