Hilary Devey returns to Channel 4 in April

Hilary DeveyHaving signed a two year deal to appear exclusively on Channel 4 Hilary Devey is about to kick down some doors in her series The Intern. The former Dragon’s Den businesswoman is determined to get deserving young people a chance to land their dream jobs, she has persuaded some of Britain’s most exciting companies to let her hijack their normal recruitment policy.

Each week three young hopefuls are given a week’s trial in the job of their dreams. The three candidates don’t know it but Hilary has arranged for the week to be packed full of the biggest challenges and worst-case scenarios possible. Based on real life situations, each scenario they encounter will test a particular skill or aptitude deemed crucial to being a success in the particular industry.

Each company boss is offering the best candidate a chance to secure their dream job – but only if they have seen the qualities and raw potential needed to cut it in their highly competitive world. This will be the ultimate undercover job interview, allowing the candidates to prove they’ve got what it takes to secure the coveted job on offer.

With one million 18-24 year olds without a job in the UK, it’s never been harder for young people to get on the career ladder. Self-made millionaire and businesswoman Hilary Devey believes an entire generation are getting a raw deal in the current job market.

Hilary comments: “There are a lot of bright young people out there in dead end jobs, going no-where who think they have no future in this country. We are wasting so much talent.”

Hilary believes you don’t need a good CV and qualifications to succeed in the job market, saying, “I’ve not needed a good CV and qualifications to succeed, they are irrelevant to me. I’m interested in dedication and damned hard work.”

Hotel GBShe believes that if you give people the opportunity to show what they are made of they will grasp the opportunity and prove what they are made of. Hilary is not alone. Major companies like Google now believe that traditional CVs aren’t a good enough judge of potential, and will interview candidates up at 20 times to get to know them better.

With help and advice from Hilary along the way, only one hopeful will succeed in winning this extraordinary opportunity. Who will overcome all the odds to prove to Hilary they can step up and make the grade?

The Intern has searched the UK for promising young people full of untapped potential. The show offers disheartened young hopefuls the opportunity to get some experience and a foot in the door at industries they believe are impossible to break into.

Hilary has already appeared on Channel 4’s Hotel GB which aimed to help get several people of all age ranges into work.

The Intern starts next month on Channel 4.

[Reported by Neil Lang]