Birmingham Central Mosque to feature in Channel 4 series

Birmingham Street, 2014

Channel 4 is to broadcast a three part series based in and around Birmingham Central Mosque – exploring the lives of the community who worship there.

“This series will provide a snapshot of modern British Muslim life through the individual stories of some of Birmingham Central Mosque’s 6,000 congregants.” – Channel 4’s Deputy Head of Documentaries Amy Flanagan

As one of the largest mosques not only in the UK but in Western Europe, Birmingham Central Mosque plays a pivotal role in many aspects of community life – from births and funerals to marriage events and sharia council. This new series will explore the life of the mosque and the diverse congregation and community living around it.

There seems to be a lot of mythology about what goes on in and around a mosque and Muslim community and the programme aims to look at those views and also show the reality and deal with myths and ensure that the facts are screened.

The series currently under the working title of The Mosque is being directed by multi-award-winner Paddy Wivell. The series will transmit on Channel 4 later this year the broadcaster has confirmed.

“Channel 4 documentaries have a proud tradition of revealing intimate insights into modern life and major social institutions from hospital wards to school classrooms. At a time when British Muslims have found themselves thrust into the spotlight we have been given privileged access to go beyond the news agenda, into the mosque and document the bustling heart of this community and the many ways in which it intersects with the lives of its worshippers – from its funeral service and sharia council, to its marriage bureau.” – Channel 4’s Deputy Head of Documentaries Amy Flanagan

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